About TurboClub.com – A 15 Year Online Presence

We are still here after 15 years on the web!

TurboClub.com was the first automotive Car Club on-line but as a hobby site it has lagged behind many wealthy new comers into the Automotive webspace.
We have not given up and intend to push onwards to new heights.


A.T.C.R. Mission Statement
(Which we all seemed to have back in 1996)

The goals of the TurboClub are to create an International Database of Owners with access to turbo knowledge and products that can be utilized to make turbo ownership easier and more enjoyable for all.

UPDATE 2009:-  see www.TurboClubMembers.com


Administrators wanted for every Country in the world and every State or Province as well.



Yes, you could start your own website and hope that someone might find it on Google.

But you could be part of TurboClub.com and enjoy a better chance of getting people to see your work and what you can do in the Automotive world.


The TurboClub is about TURBO Owners helping each other.

The ‘Turbo Club’ has emerged and evolved from theStarion¬†Turbo¬†Australian¬†Registered¬†Independant¬†Owners¬†Network,so don’t be surprised at the mention of the Mitsubishi Starion on this site.P.S. All original¬†S.T.A.R.I.O.N.¬†members are Lifetime RTO’s – EMAIL ME NOW
Greg & Pauline.¬†The two people behind the TurboClub.Greg has been involved in modifying cars since 1969 when he first worked over his Chrysler¬†Valiant AP5¬†225 Slant Six & Torqueflite Push Button Auto to run flat 14’s over the 1320 (Quarter Mile) Regularly dragged against V8 Fords embarrassing them severely;-) Also familiar with V8’s, his¬†AMC 401 ci Javelin¬†and GMC supercharger is constantly being built up.

Pauline’s first Turbo, a¬†Nissan¬† EXA, bought brand new when originally released in Australia was good training for her to be able to handle Greg’s¬† highly modded Starion when he temporarily went on a yuppie kick in a¬†BMW Six Series¬†and tried to act his age – yeah, right.

Paulines Nissan Skyline GTS4 AWD TURBO AWS
Paulines Baby –¬†¬†’90 Nissan Skyline HR 32 GTS4Talked into buying it and giving up her Mazda MX6 (Eunos 30X) she has still not forgiven me. We talk about selling it occasionally but I am procrastinating while driving it to work for obvious reasons!!¬† We may have to get her another Eunos 30X but maybe a turbo might make it worthwhile as they are a nice handling FWD.

Greg’s choice..¬†¬†¬† ‘82 STARION JA TURBO.The Starion was bought in ’84 when going to buy a Cordia from a Caryard that had the cheaper Cordia advertised. They said they would hold it till I got there in an hour. Needless to say it was sold¬† prior to my arrival. BUT the gleaming silver Starion parked in a prominent position out the front was available.

The salesman was smart enough to see that I really wanted the Starion and coaxed me over three hours to make the huge deposit and forget the payments till next month!! They offered me a great trade in on my ’80 Mazda 323 SS twincarb 1500 that was in immaculate condition with sunroof and mags etc. – THE STARION WAS WORTH EVERY CENT!!

Turbo Trainer.When I am not trying to construct this site, I use this fully motorised turbo game chair? to have some fun driving NFS or flying F22 Lightning.

Went to my dentist a while back and noticed he had upgraded all his chairs. Asked what happened to the old ones? “Out the back, do you want one?”¬† Did I ever, I have been looking for a similar type of games set up for ages so made a ridiculous offer of 250 for something he paid over 10 thousand for a few years ago. SOLD,- the deal of the decade!

Modified it immediately with a strong monitor arm to support the monitor and steering wheel setup. The pedals fitted perfectly in the right place and it is able to be adjusted in all directions with the touch of a switch. Pulled the back padding assy off and mounted some Aura Interactor special effects speakers that vibrate the hell out of you when playing most games. Pauline loves it, she would love to get on to it with an axe!! Well can’t win them all.

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