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Tuned F150 5.0L V8 vs Tuned Turbo Ecoboost (VIDEO)

The Haul V8 vs Twin-turbo F150’s head-to-head on Drag Strip and Dyno • (January 14th, 2020) –

AmericanTrucks’ (AT) Justin Dugan puts the V8 vs Ecoboost F150 debate to bed with his latest episode of AT’s The Haul YouTube Series.

V8 vs Ecoboost F150

In this episode of the Haul, Justin compares two similarly equipped Ford F150 SuperCrew’s, pulling them into the AT studio for a dyno battle, both stock and tuned, before heading to the drag strip for a head-to-head battle.

To keep the playing field level, both trucks feature the 10R80 10-speed automatic transmissions, 33” tires, and 3.55 rear end gears.

V8 vs Ecoboost F150

The Lightning Blue 2017 XL features the latest iteration of the 3.5L V6 Ecoboost engine while the Lead Foot Gray 2018 STX features the latest version of the 5.0L V-8.

The Haul V8 vs Twin-turbo F150’s head-to-head on Drag Strip and Dyno

With a goal of seeing which tuned F150 performs better, Justin hits AT’s in-house dyno to measure stock power output for both trucks.

The Haul V8 vs Twin-turbo F150’s head-to-head on Drag Strip and Dyno
The Haul V8 vs Twin-turbo F150’s head-to-head on Drag Strip and Dyno

before uploading respective 93 octane Bama tunes with SCT’s SF4/X4 Power Flash tuner to measure both peak and curve power gains.

The Haul V8 vs Twin-turbo F150’s head-to-head on Drag Strip and Dyno
The Haul V8 vs Twin-turbo F150’s head-to-head on Drag Strip and Dyno

After the dyno session, Justin takes both trucks to Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, PA for both stock and tuned drag runs to see which engine performs better in the quarter mile.

The Haul V8 vs Twin-turbo F150’s head-to-head on Drag Strip and Dyno

Ecoboost or V8;

which one do you think will perform the best on just a tune and nothing else?

The Haul V8 vs Twin-turbo F150’s head-to-head on Drag Strip and Dyno

The choice is YOURS! But should compare to other Ford Models with similar engine configurations so choose wisely if wanting more POWER!

The Haul V8 vs Twin-turbo F150’s head-to-head on Drag Strip and Dyno

330hp 2020 Mustang EcoBoost 4 Cyl. Turbo Performance Model Revealed. PAOLI, Pa. (April 15, 2019) – Ford Motor Company’s official release this morning on the new Turbocharged High-Performance Package (HPP) for the new 2.3L Inline 4 Cylinder engined 2020 Mustang EcoBoost.

Imagine what you could really do with the F150 3.5L V6 Ecoboost Turbo engine with some actual boost tuning! Specs Below video.

The Haul V8 vs Twin-turbo F150’s head-to-head on Drag Strip and Dyno

3.5L EcoBoost F-150 Specs & Info

  • 365 HP & 420 TQ (Raptor’s 3.5L – 450 HP & 510 TQ)
  • 17 mpg city/ 23 mpg highway / 20 mpg combined
  • 3,180 lbs Payload Rating / 12,200 lbs towing capacity
  • Direct Fuel Injection
  • Dual Over Head Camshafts 
  • Maintains 90% peak torque from 1,700 RPM to 5,000 RPM
  • 6 qts of 5w30 (with the oil filter) oil capacity

EcoBoost F-150 V6 Engine Compared to the V8 F-150 Engine

The main selling point of the EcoBoost F-150 is it’s a solid alternative to the V8 coyote sourced engine. The 2.7L and 3.5L EcoBoost engines are able to produce similar power and torque to a V8 while consuming less fuel.

Thanks to a twin scroll turbocharger and direct fuel injection, EcoBoost F-150s are able to overcome the disadvantages of naturally aspirated, small displacement, 6-cylinder engines and create equal output to naturally aspirated V8 engines. Considering how you can get an EcoBoost F-150 cheaper than a V8 F-150, it’s no surprise they are becoming as popular as they are.

3.5L V6 EcoBoost Engine

How to Improve the Acceleration of an EcoBoost F-150

  • Cold Air Intake And Tuner
  • EcoBoost Throttle Body
  • Custom EcoBoost Tune
  • EcoBoost Downpipe
  • Bigger EcoBoost Turbocharger
  • F-150 Gears

Both the 2.7L and 3.5L version of the EcoBoost F-150 offer a good bit of power and acceleration out of the factory, however they both can benefit from some simple mods that will improve overall performance. Upgrading your EcoBoost F-150’s cold air intake and pairing it with a custom tune will allow it to take in more air, which will help the turbocharger work harder, produce more power, and also improve throttle response as well as fuel economy.

Swapping out the throttle body will add some power while also enhancing throttle response. Replacing your EcoBoost F-150’s downpipe with a less restrictive aftermarket one will allowing the twin-scroll turbocharger to work more efficiently and give you a healthy bump in horsepower and torque, while also changing the exhaust note considerably. An off-road downpipe will not have a catalytic converter and will not pass emissions testing, however it will add more power than a catted downpipe and sound much louder as well.

73mm Throttle Body for 2011-2018 EcoBoost

The easiest way to add power to your EcoBoost F-150 is by swapping out the turbocharger for a larger unit. A bigger turbocharger will make much more power than the stock one, however you may incur or increase turbo lag and will test the limits of the EcoBoost engine block.

Changing out the rear gears will improve acceleration while not adding any horsepower. This is because swapping out the rear gears for a steeper gear will allow you to access more power earlier in the RPM band. Steeper gears do sacrifice your top end speed to pull this off however, but if you’re looking for a pick-me-up, a set of gears will do the job.

How Do EcoBoost F-150 Twin-Scroll Turbochargers Work?

Twin-scroll turbochargers have two input lines from the exhaust manifold that lead to the turbine that suck in the exhaust gases. Having two input lines avoids the issue single-scroll turbos have where the firing sequence of the cylinders causes the pulsing of the exhaust gases to delay the build-up of boost, or in other terms turbo-lag. Twin-scroll turbochargers can spool up much quicker than conventional turbochargers and will give crisp and quick throttle response backed up by significant low-end torque.

Replacing the stock twin-scroll turbocharger with an aftermarket turbocharger will allow your EcoBoost F-150 to make more power, but it may reduce fuel economy and the longevity of your engine depending upon how much boost you run. While there is no official word how much power an EcoBoost engine can hold, some forum users have reported the 2.7L EcoBoost giving out about 430 HP and the 3.5L giving out about 500 HP. 

If you do replace the stock EcoBoost turbo with an aftermarket one, you will also need to upgrade some other things on your F-150 such as the fuel injectors, intake, spark plugs, intercooler, throttle body, downpipe, and tune to get the most out of it. The turbo system is mainly comprised of the turbocharger, intercooler, hot side and cold side piping, and the downpipe.

How Does the EcoBoost F-150 Intercooler Work?

The EcoBoost F-150 functions mechanically just like any other turbocharged application and needs to use an intercooler to get the most out of its turbo. The F-150 EcoBoost intercooler takes the hot air produced from the turbocharger and cools it down before feeding it back into the engine.

Upgrading the intercooler on your EcoBoost F-150 will free up some horsepower as well as make your turbocharger perform stronger. Swapping out the intercooler on your F-150 for an aftermarket one is a necessary step when upgrading the turbocharger.

How Do EcoBoost F-150 Direct Injection Engines Work?

Direct injection F-150 engines shoot fuel directly into the cylinder/combustion chamber instead of shooting it above the chamber and above the valves (which is port fuel injection). Adding fuel directly into the combustion chamber allows for more power since the fuel burn is more efficient. The overall process is very efficient in terms of power creation and fuel economy when compared to port fuel injection.

What is Ti-VCT & Does My EcoBoost Have it?

Everywhere you look, the term Twin independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT) is plastered throughout the details and spec sheets of the Ford EcoBoost 2.7L and 3.5L engines, but what does it mean?

Twin independent Variable Cam Timing means the engine allows for the intake and exhaust valves to remain open for a fraction of a second, overlapping each other. This overlap allows new fuel to mix with the escaping exhaust gasses, which improves torque and improves emissions. Seriously, it means 15% lower C02 emissions.

The TI-VCt technology comes standard in the 2.7L and 3.5L EcoBoost engines, but is also a key player in the naturally aspirated 3.5L V6 and 5.0L V6 engines.

How to Identify an EcoBoost Engine

Frankly, it’s pretty easy to do once you know what you’re looking for. Look for the twin scroll turbochargers fitted to the EcoBoost, plain and simple. The 3.3L Ti-VCT V6 is naturally aspirated, meaning it will lack any sort of turbocharger. Easy stuff.

As for those of you who want to know what turbos Ford decided to use on the EcoBoost, they’re Borg Warner K03s.

2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3 Hot Lap Turbo Car Club TurboClub.com

2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3 Hot Lap

2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3 Hot Lap

2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3 Official Review, Dyno and Walkaround

PAOLI, Pa. (AUGUST 30, 2018) — AmericanMuscle’s Justin Dugan brings you AM’s latest Hot Lap episode featuring 2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3 chassis #003, which is the first retail ’18 RTR Mustang in existence!

2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3

Chassis #003 is also the grand prize vehicle from AM’s RTR Giveaway announced earlier in 2018, where Jordan M. from Springhill, Kansas was selected as winner. In this Hot Lap, JD provides his feedback and overview of the Oxford White Spec 3 including a spin on the in-house dynameter.

2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3

In a joint effort between World Champion Formula D drifter, Vaughn Gitten Jr., RTR’s design team and AmericanMuscle, the RTR Spec 3 Sweepstakes drew crowds of Mustang fans to AM’s site weekly to enter for their chance at winning the vehicle shown in this video.

2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3

The Spec 3 is the highest of three dealer-prepped RTR packages available, equipped with tactical suspension as well as Ford Performance/Roush’s brand-new TVS2650 supercharger system.

2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3

“The RTR Spec 3 is a car that can literally do it all.  From the looks to the handling and with 600+ to the tire, this is a ride you could have fun with no matter what style of driving you’re into”
-Justin Dugan

2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3

“The RTR Spec 3 is a car that can literally do it all. From the looks to the handling and with 600+ to the tire, this is a ride you could have fun with no matter what style of driving you’re into”, said Dugan. AM is the exclusive seller and distributor of RTR aftermarket parts, for customers who would rather piece together their own custom RTR Spec.

2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3

With the ’18 model year as a redesign, several tweaks were made to the RTR including: vinyl design, hood vents, grill, chin spoiler, splitter, diffuser and wheels. With 700 hp and 610 lb/ft torque, the spec 3 is an absolute beast of a machine and available through RTR Authorized Ford Dealerships world-wide.

2018 Mustang RTR Spec 3  For more on Fords on TurboClub go to https://Ford.TurboClub.com

Classic Cars Show on the Bay Foreshore Turbo Car Club TurboClub.com

Classic Cars Show on the Bay Foreshore

It is uncommon to see classic, modern, performance, European and domestic vehicles at the one event.

The Geelong Revival Motoring Festival has united the automotive community by inviting all kinds of vehicles to be included in the annual Classic Motorshow.

The 2017 Geelong Revival Motoring Festival took place on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of November 2017. This action packed motoring festival, held on Geelong’s picturesque waterfront, was an event not to be missed!

Take your shady position under many palm and other trees on the lush grassy slopes of the higher advantage points in safety for the historic quarter-mile sprints, as 300 classic and exotic cars and motorcycles sprint down Ritchie Boulevard at full throttle. Join us in the park for the Revival Hillclimb!

The Geelong Waterfront was covered with 100’s of quirky, valuable and fascinating vehicles that are guaranteed to please anyone with an appreciation for classic and unique vehicles.

Celebrations were kicked off  with the Friday Night Cruise, featuring over 600 vehicles, in preparation for a huge weekend of motorsport.
If cars and motorcycles aren’t enough to get you excited, classic boats and vintage aircraft will also be on display, so make sure you look to the seas and sky! Take a step back in time into our vintage lifestyle zone featuring live music, trade stalls, delicious food and entertainment.



Again kicking off a huge weekend of motoring, the City Cruise will see a collection of unique cars and bikes. Spectators will have the opportunity to see the enormous collection of exotic vehicles parade their way through the streets of the Geelong waterfront on the Friday evening, finishing up in the waterfront precinct for a casual celebration. This wonderful new addition to the schedule will showcase the entire event, including a variety of vintage and contemporary cars, live music and fashion.

Arriving at the 2018 event:

As in previous years there will be a pre-staging area to ensure a smooth transition into the waterfront precinct. The pre-staging will be at Rippleside Park, located on Rippleside Park Drive. (See Attached Map)

Event volunteers will be present at the pre-staging area and will direct you to the relevant area so you can park your car for display.

Pre-Staging arrival times:

SATURDAY 23rd November                   7.00am – 9:00am
SUNDAY 24th November                         7.00am – 8.30am

Please note late arrivals will NOT be granted access to the event precinct.

During the Day: Due to the potential for a Total Fire Ban, BBQ’s will not be permitted in the festival precinct. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from competing in future events. Shade structures need to be wind rated or may have to be taken down if conditions require. Please contact us prior to the event if you have any questions. 

Departure: With the exception of the Pier and the Supercar Parking, all vehicles are required to remain in the zone until 5:30pm each day. (please note that the Cunningham Pier is not part of this year’s official event precinct and the standard parking rules apply). This is due to OH&S requirements. If you have any questions or issues feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this years 2018 Geelong Revival Motoring Festival.

MORE on the official website here>>  http://geelongrevival.com.au

Turbo Car Club TurboClub.com 2017-KIA-Stinger-GT-Twin-Turbo-3.3- liter-V6-

2018 KIA Stinger GT Twin Turbo 3.3 liter V6

The KIA Stinger GT World Premiere at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show made the automotive industry sit up and take notice.

KIA is serious about producing a performance GT that will make buyers think twice about their choices in the market sector.

2018 Kia Stinger

The anticipated on road price for the KIA Stinger GT Twin Turbo  3.3 liter V6 is comparable to the new 2016 Ford V8 Mustang. There will also be a 190 kW 4 Cylinder 2.0 litre Turbo comparable with the Mustang 4 Cylinder Turbo.

2017-KIA-Stinger-GT-Twin-Turbo-3.3- liter-V6-

The KIA Stinger GT Twin Turbo  3.3 liter V6 produces a sub 6 second 0-60 MPH from 272kW/510 Nm so will surprise a few from the lights.

2018 Kia Stinger

With standard 225/45R18 rubber, the Four Cylinder 2.0 litre Stinger also loves to drift. Being no slouch with around 6.0sec to 100km/h and with all that low-down torque, plus a standard mechanical limited-slip differential, feels lighter on its feet, while its constant-ratio steering feels reassuringly connected.

An eight speed automatic inhouse developed gearbox and performance tuned suspension with rear wheel drive and huge wheels and Michelin tyres developed on the Nurburgring is serious.

2018 Kia Stinger

All performance aspects overseen by an ex BMW M master technician, Albert Biermann, should enhance any sporting on road experience expected by enthusiastic driving oriented owners.

2017-KIA-Stinger-GT-Twin-Turbo-3.3- liter-V6-

The excellently proportioned and styled body by Peter Schreyer of Audi TT fame, has its own look that will be recognizable as a KIA to most.

Long & low – 4831mm long, 1869mm wide and 1400mm tall, riding on a 2906mm wheelbase the Stinger doesn’t really have a direct competitor anywhere according to KIA.

2018 Kia Stinger

With a Weight of 1770kg  and 0-100 km/h: 5.1 sec (estimated) and the Fuel economy of 9.5L/100 km also estimated, the numbers stack up well.


Carbon-Revolution-Wheel-1 Turbo Car Club TurboClub.com

Carbon Revolution Wheels



Carbon Revolution produces the world’s only one-piece carbon fiber wheel:

the most technically advanced wheel on the planet, and one of the most advanced lightweight technologies on any car.

The innovative Aussies from Geelong, in Victoria (Yes, the same place they once built FORD Motor cars. Henry would be proud of them!) who created the first one-piece carbon fiber wheel overcame an immense challenge on how to optimize the structural integrity and create the ideal stiffness for ultimate performance.

Carbon-Revolution-Wheel-1The company technicians and scientists have also developed techniques to ensure a consistent, high-quality manufacturing process in the most critical automotive application of lightweight and strong rolling stock with exceptional balance.

The proprietary and patented Carbon Revolution manufacturing process shapes and forms the carbon fiber into the complex internal structure of the wheel. Automated operations result in high-volume, precision fabrication of the carbon fiber preforms. 

A great car deserves the best wheels.

Tested in Germany to the highest TüV standards, and available for purchase, Carbon Revolution knows carbon fiber better than anybody.

Backed by patents and many awards, the one-piece Carbon Revolution CR-9 doesn’t just look like the future of wheels, it is the future. And you can drive that future today! 



The Carbon Revolution engineering team has many years of experience with composite technology, with decades of experience in Aerospace and Automotive Design. Our Engineers employ cutting-edge computer modeling tools to optimize the composite structures to very precise specifications, ensuring the wheels improve vehicle performance.


1.Start line: Launch hard with reduced inertia: get more power to the ground.

2.Tight high-g corner, higher cornering speeds due to increased grip. +0.14s

3.Bumps on track. Carbon wheels glide right over the bumps. Bumps upset the car with the aluminum wheel forcing the driver to breath on the throttle costing time and creating more work for the driver. +0.08s

4.Very tough section, off-camber, mid-corner bump and a wide line will hit curbing. Improved grip over curbing, improved steering precision and better chassis control allows the driver to keep the throttle wide open. +0.42s

5.Large bump and g-out in middle of the track typically upsets the chassis with aluminum wheels. Improved suspension performance due to lightweight CR-9 wheels allows the suspension to soak up the bumps without upsetting the chassis. +0.14s

6.Late braking, early on the throttle and increased grip mid corner. +0.45s

7.Finish line: total split = 1.23sec, almost 13 vehicle lengths on the straight!

  • All around the track the transitions in and out of the corners are smoother.
  • Far less adjustments by the driver to steering and throttle allows the car to taker a better line and not have to lift.
  • If you can get back to throttle quicker on corner exit lap times will come down.


  • Improved suspension performance increases grip, enhancing control and stability in the corner
  • Improved steering feel made the car easier to drive at the limit

* Average speed on the straight was 104mph resulting in a gap of 13 vehicle lengths for the 1.243sec split in lap times


ATP-STi-GOLD-$2350 Turbo Car Club TurboClub.com


ATP Website:


Advanced TURBO Performance

 03 9555 0848
3 Walter St. Moorabbin,
Victoria Australia



Recently moved from Murrumbeena to Moorabbin a South Eastern suburb of Melbourne, Kyp, the owner of ATP has had extensive experience in all aspects of turbocharger service and modifications.Having owned one of Australia’s quickest VL Commodore Turbo’s over a few years, Kyp learnt what works and what does not the hard way . He was first into 12’s then 11’s with an auto VL – photo’s soon. Kyp also has his extremely modified Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo for sale, having just sold his other not so radical Lancer Turbo. I guess he knows a bit about Lancers too!Actually he is very knowlegeable about ALL Mitsubishi Turbo cars as well as Nissans, VL Commodores and most other turbo’s.
Although a one man band, (NO eager apprentice test drivers work here)  Kyp is able to turnaround most jobs in a short period and only takes on what he can handle himself. 



As well as doing all turbo mods and service, he is also able to do normal service and general motor mechanical work.If you need to have work done, please ring to book in your job first if possible.

Mobile 0412 555 909

If you have a turbocharger that needs repair,  Kyp will STRIP the TURBO and QUOTE for FREE a price to fix the problem.Think about it, how can he quote you an acurate price over the phone if he has not seen or stripped the turbo down to find the problem!!

He may be a TURBO guru but he’s NOT an ORACLE!

Do you phone the Doctor before you go to the clinic to get a quote? 😉Do YOU always want a ” rough ball park quote”? 

If it was you being forced into quoting on something you had not seen, wouldn’t you say a higher price to make sure you were not out of pocket if the owner bought the turbo in and it was stuffed.



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A.V.O. Advanced Vehicle Operations
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Queensland Importer of High Performance Japanese Turbo cars.

Australian  Japan Turbo import specialists.

Australian BGT are one of the most prolificate Modifiers of Subaru’s WRX including all High performance turbo’s and V8’s.
Australian vendor of High performance products  from almost every major supplier in Japan.

Australia’s fastest Nissans and VL GM Turbo’s are modified and remanufactured by Simon and the team at Nizpro.

Japan based high performance Nissan RB26DETT modifier.

Price Engineering
Australian Aluminum and steel manufacturing works for custom components.

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72-78 Ford V8 Club of NSW, Robert Earl, PO Box 348, Bondi Beach, 2026, 02 7597758
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2CV Club Hervey Bay Cars/Parts, 12 Maple St, Pialba, 4655, 071 246142
4 + Rotary Promotions, Helen Schembri, PO Box 620, Altona North, 3025, 015 562612
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55-56-57 Chevrolet Club of Vic INC, Karl Wakartschuk, PO Box 560, Noble Park, 3174, 03 95607778
59-61 Ford Fairlane Club of Australia, Brian Woolley, c/- 24 Enshaw St, Doncaster East, 3109, 0398788859
60’s American Muscle Car Club, Jim Dugdale, PO Box 1105, Bundoora, 3083, 034044354
Z Car Club Sydney, Ray and Sue Humphreys, 8 Tatler Place, Woronora Heights, 2233, 02 5454676
A9X Torana Owners Assoc. Aust. Inc., David Lindbeck, PO Box 487, Erindale Centre, Canberra, 2903
ACCA Automobilia Collectors Club Aust., Chris Osborne, PO Box 700, Campbelltown, 2560, 046257547
ACE Ford Club of WA, Keith Hahn, PO Box 816, Mirrabooka, 6061, 09 3444656
ACT GMH Club, Adam Andrikis, 7 Pollux St, Yass, 2582, 06 2585909
ACT Holden Owners Group, Aneata Ward, 9-7 Forbes St, Turner, 2612, 06 2478722
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American GM Drivers Club, Adrian Cowie, PO Box 112, Marden, 5070, 08 2649556
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Auckland Morris Minor Enthusiasts Club, Julie Hunte,  Three Kings Auckland, New Zealand,
Austin 1800/x6 Club, Daryl Stephens, 22 Davidson St, Mitcham, 3132, 03 8733038
Austin 7 Club of NSW INC, Maureen Boatwright, North Parramatta, 2151, 02 5432038
Austin 7 Club of SA, David Searles, 262 Tatleys Hill Raod, Seaton, 5023, 08 451444
Austin 7 Register of Qld Inc, Secretary, PO Box 11, Clayfield, 4011, 07 3592086
Austin A40 Car Club, Don & Val Ashcroft,  Canley Heights, 2166, 02 6043273
Austin A40 Car of Australia INC, Steven Hunter, Glen Waverley, 3150, 03 98037779
Austin A90 Atlantic Car Club, Peter Hackney, 045 720426
Austin A90 Atlantic Car Club, Gordon Smith, 08 3910337
Austin A90 Atlantic Car Club, Don Morris, 09 3986063
Austin A90 Atlantic Car Club of Aust Inc, Rob Schulz, Dimboola, 3414, 053 891207
Austin A90 Atlantic Car Club of Aust Inc, Don Glover, 002 489201
Austin Healey Owners Club of SA, Ian, PO Box 10, Kenttown, 5071, 08 2971653
Austin Healey Sprite Drivers Club, PO Box 248, Box Hill, 3128, 03 98575023
Austin Motor Vehicle Club, Don Salter, PO Box 3943, Parramatta, 2124, 02 6512394
Austin Motor Vehicle Club, Richard Peddel, PO Box 279, Kelmscott, 6111, 09 3908764
Austin Motor Vehicle Club Qld Inc, Kev Airton, 07 32028877
Austin-Healey Owners Club, Anne Read, PO Box A471, South Sydney, 2000, 02 6362990
Austin-Healey Owners Club of QLD, Alwyn Keepence, Clear Island Waters, 4226
Austin-Healey Sprite MK-1 Register, Ray English, Sebring, Robert St, Sassafras, 03 7551850
Australian All Rally Group, Jamie Lawson, PO Box 2090, Toowoomba, 4350, 076 393222
Australian Austin A30 Car Club Inc., Bob Whitbourne,  Chelsea, 3196, 03 7724086
Australian Beau Register, Graham Harder, 9 Kemp Ave, Mt Waverley, 3149, 03 98072821
Australian Component Car Club, Andrew, PO Box 574, Miranda, 2228, 02 5437903
Australian Elec. Vehicle Assoc. Bob Winley, Amaroo Park Annangrove, 2156, 02 6791448

Australian Historic Motoring Federation Inc, GPO Box 2862 Canberra ACT 2601, Fax 06 231 6060
Australian Historic Motor Club, Don Kerry, PO Box 99, Leura, 2780, 047 878272
Australian Historic Rally Group, Christine Bethwaite, Po Box 947, Neutral Bay, 2089, 02 9696603 (ah)
Australian Mini Cooper Register, Chris Rankine, Private Box No, 65 Patterson Rd, Moorabbin, 3189,
Australian Street Machine Federation, Greg Smith, PO Box 1350, Bowral, 2576, 02 6042168
Australian Street Machine Federation, Helen Turner, PO Box 5443, West End, 4101, 075 431900
Australian Street Machine Federation Inc, Ian Turner, PO Box 174, Jimboomba, 4280, 075 431900
Australian Street Rod Federation Inc., Jim Haworth, GPO Box 800, Brisbane, 4001, 07 3787370
Australian Turbo Club Register, Greg Campbell, PO Box 1050, South Melbourne, 3205, 03 9620 3939
Auto Collectors Club of Murray Bridge, Bernard Hoffman, PO Box 869, Murray Bridge, 5253, 085 323435

Automobilia Collectors Club, Chris Osborne, 046 257547 A/H

Auto Restorers Assoc., Terry Hobson, Gold Coast Inc, 49 Columbine Way, Gaven, 4211, 075 934380
Automotive Performance Products, Linda, PO Box 278, Springwood, 2777, 047 536080
Avon Valley Vintage Vehicle Association of Western Australia Inc 
   www.avonvintagecars.org.au : [email protected] Fred Singleton Northam    W.A. 6401
BMW 6-Series Register, Danny Boon, PO Box 52, Albany Creek, 4035, 07 2645152
BMW Car Club Victoria, Rob Nagel, PO Box 1250L, Melbourne, 3001,
BMW Club Gold Coast Imc, Dave Burnett, PO Box 8050, Gold Coast Mail Centre, 4217, 075 5352473
BMW Club NSW, Club Messagebank, PO Box 323, Crowns Nest, 2065, 02 8672582
BMW Club Queensland, Steve Callaghan, PO Box 184, Everton Park, 4053, 07 2027439
BMW Club WA, Noel Kenny, PO Box 153, Leederville, 6007, 09 4703089
Ballarat Street & Custom Car Club, David Brandenburg, PO Box 1293, Bakery Hill, 3354, 053 362065
Ballina District Vehicle Club, Secretary, PO Box 555, Ballina, 2478,
Barossa Valley Ford Club Inc., Stuart Davey, PO Box 390, Nurioopta, 5355, 085 628032
Barossa Valley Historical Vehicle Club, Hedley Heintze, PO Box 607, Angaston, 5353, 085 656233
Batavia Coast Veteran Classic Club, Ken Oldfield, 61 Simpson Street, Geraldton, 6530, 099 215749
Bay City Chrysler Car Club, Ray, 052 9751968
Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club Inc, Terry O’Connor, 07 8241788
Bedford Owners Sporting Club of Aust., Michael Rahn, 02 6094261
Bentley Drivers Club, Mrs K Wherry, 105A Clarence Street, Sydney, 2000,
Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club, C Knapman, PO Box 145, Mittagong, 2575, 048 681252
Beta Historic Car Club, Bill Ritchie, 34 Ewan Street, Mascot, 2020, 02 6693055
Black Uhlans M.C. (Gladstone) C.Q., PO Box 1482, Gladstone, 079 723930
Blue Mountains Classic Car Club, Duane Wilson, PO Box 142, Lawson, 2783, 047 843185
Bolwell Car Club, Ron Western, PO Box 2226, Kent Town, 5071, 08 2973295
Bolwell Car Club Australia INC, Secretary, PO Box 1009, Ringwood, 3134,
Bolwell Car Club of NSW, Geoff or Sue Lewis, 45 Methuen Pde, Riverwood, 2210, 02 5334900
Bolwell Car Club of WA, Barry Currie, 52 Solandra Way, Forrest Field, 6058, 09 4539354
Border Steam & Oil Engine Club, Charlie Boast, PO Box 374, Wodonga, 3689, 060 252124
Brisbane Districts Street Machines, Gary Hansen, 6 Kirikee St, Ferny Grove, 4055, 07 38511370
Brisbane Northside Antique Automobile, John Watts, Association Inc, PO Boc 1057, Stafford, 4053
Brisbane Vintage Auto Club Inc, Secretary, PO Box 1147, Stafford, 4053, 07 2694058
Bristol Owners Club of Australia Inc., Geoff Dowdle, 7 Thornleigh Close, Narellan, 2567, 02 8732911
British Auto Club, Bruce, PO Box 6878, Gold Coast Mail Exchange, 4217, 075 392774
British Ford Car Club Inc, Lindsay Eadon, 1/54 Mackenzie St, Kangaroo Point, 4169, 07 8916764
British Ford Owners Club, Anthony List, PO Box 333, Maddington, 6109, 09 4546001
Broadford Swap Meet Club, Len Redenbach, 8 First Street, Broadford, 3658, 057 9841351
Brock Commodore Owners Club of Australia, Paul Dillon, GPO Box 906, Canberra, 2601, 06 2712835
Brookvale Mini Club (B.M.C.), Sally Bergan, 220 Harbord Road, Brookvale, 2100, 02 9382242
Brotherhood of Vans Inc, Warren Macleod, 14 Tawa St, Inglewood Taranaki, New Zealand, 06 7566294
Bugrunners V-Dub Club Newcastle, Jason & Eleissa Fuller, 015 074065
Buick Car Club of Australia, Peter Pinner, PO Box 177, Richmond, 3121, 03 7442412
Buick Car Club of Australia, John Neale, 02 5805675
Buick Car Club of Australia Qld Ltd, Rod Davidson, PO Box 610, Fortitude Valley, 4006, 07 3495840
Buick Owners Association, Ron Noonan, PO Box 664, , 2560, 02 6314763
Buick Owners Club of WA, Dennis McGavigan, 19 Hudgenden Drive, Hornlie, 6108, 09 4594029
Bundaberg Early Holden Club, G Stubbins, 23 Avenell St, Bundaberg, 4670, 071 526591
C.C.P Streeters, Ian Backhouse, PO Box 476, Belgrave, 3160, 03 94784473
Caboolture Regional Holden Car Club Inc, K Franz, 220 Smith Rd, Caboolture, 074 952731
Cadillac LA-Salle Car Club, Dandra Gribble, PO Box 687, Modbury, 5092, 08 2633203
Cadillac La Salle Club, PO Box 5086, Mordialloc, 3195, 03 95801838
Cadillac La Salle Club of Australia, PO Box 162, Ermington, 2115, 02 4840240
Cadillac La Salle Club of Australia, Val Sharp, Queensland Region Inc, PO Box 282, Capalaba, 4157, 07 32451705
Cairns & District Historic Vehicle Club, Henry Hill, PO Box 1618, Cairns, 4870, 070 554171
Camaro Firebird Owners, Secretary, PO Box 2289, North Parramatta, 2151, 019 913520
Campervan & Motorhome Club, PO Box 327, Cardiff, 2285, 018 493949
Canberra Antique & Classic Motor Club, Bob Alexander, PO Box 3427, Manuka, 2603, 06 2886845 H
Canberra Celica Club Inc, Matt Dyne, PO Box 693, Fyshwick, 2609, 06 2541038
Canberra City Cruisers, Tony Divito, PO BOox 1621, Tuggeranong, 2900, 06 2805642
Canberra Hot Rod Association, Vicki Munday, PO Box 31, Kippax, 2617, 06 2865870
Canberra Model Vehicle Collectors Club, Tony Kirchner, PO Box 756, Belconnen, 2616, 06 291 9027
Capri Car Club INC, Steven Archibald, PO Box 155, Ashburton, 3147, 03 97001965
Capri Car Club of NSW, Bruce Miler, PO Box 109, Pendle Hill, 2145, 0419 266383 A/H
Casterton Motor Enthusiasts Club, Jeoff Hortle, PO Box 144, Casterton, 3311, 055 9811020
Celica Car Club of Qld Inc, Mal Ryan, PO Box 407, Toowong, 4066, 07 8144297
Central Coast British Car Club, John Francis, PO Box 127, Toowoon Bay, 2261, 043 341616
Central Coast Historic Car Club, Cecily Prentice, PO Box 601, Gosford, 2250, 043 418088
Central Victorian Morris Minor Club, Lorna Haines, Po Box 706, Bendigo, 3550, 054 479929
Central West Modellers Club, Charles Pecenka, 23 Court Street, Parkes, 2870, 068 621576
Charge R/T Owners Club and Register, John Anthony, 066 742498
Charger Car Club of SA, President Werner, PO Box 1055, Kent Town, 5071, 08 2627950
Charger Club of Victoria INC, John Lloyd, PO Box 904, Glen Waverley, 3150, 03 975701118
Chenard ET Walcker Australian Register, Sid Muirhead, PO Box 325, Figtree, 2525, 042 287548
Chevrolet Car Club, GPO Box 83G, Melbourne, 3001, 0398190723
Chevrolet Performance Association, Paul Hickman, PO Box 348, Elizabeth, 5112, 08 8258 4273
Chrysler & Valiant Owners Association, Ray Webb, PO Box 317, Concord West, 2138, 02 6322264
Chrysler ‘Drifter’ Owners Club, Phil Bryant, c/- 19 Berkeley Rd, Glenning Valley, 2261, 043 893680
Chrysler Car Club, Adrian, PO Box 240, Greenacres, 5086, 08 2622919
Chrysler Car Club Canberra Inc, Graham Moon, PO Box 137, Erindale, 2903, 06 2992883
Chrysler Mid-Coast Mopars, Sue Maloney, 043 245932
Chrysler Owners Club of Qld Inc, Eric Levett, c-15 McGinn Rd, Ferny Grove, 4055, 07 2681704
Chrysler Restorers Club, Barrie Osborn, 02 6045927
Chrysler Restorers Club, Brenton Hamilton, PO Box 667, Plympton, 5038, 08 3870419 A/H
Chrysler Restorers Club of Aust Inc., Alec Dick, PO Box 565, Strathfield, 2135, 02 6007716
Chrysler Restores Club of Australia, Jeff Brumhead, GPO Box 3191GG, Melbourne, 3001, 03 94356220
Citroen 2CV Register, Bert Houtepen, PO Box 405, Burwood, 2134, 02 7469920
Citroen Car Club of NSW, Bruce Elsegood, PO Box 348, Parramatta, 2124, 02 4892874
Citroen Car Club of Queensland Inc, The Secretary, PO Box 167, Spring Hill, 4000,
Citroen Classic Owners Club of Aust., Leigh Miles, PO Box 52, Balwyn, 3103, 03 8887506
Citroen Owners Association, Robin & Carol, PO Box 604, Gosnells, 6110, 09 4592435
Classic & Historic Automobile, Alice Ashby, PO Box 652, Ulladulla, 2539,
Classic & Historic Automobile, Mary Reynolds, PO Box 749, Wagga Wagga, 2650, 069 311726
Classic & Historic Automobile Club, Max Austin, 84 Price Ave, Mount Waverly, 3149, 03 94362223
Classic & Historic Automobile Club, Peter Mills, 02 6359471
Classic & Historic Automobile Club, Margaret Wicke, 4 Bent Cres, Batemans Bay, 2536, 044 724994
Classic & Historic Automobile Club, Mike Davey, Australia – Brisbane Branch, , 07 8144144
Classic American Automobile Club, Len Richards, Route 66 399 Elizabeth St, Hobart, 7000, 002 728827
Classic English Ford Club, Giulip Tagliaferri, 75 Norwood Road, Maida Vale, 6057, 09 4195778
Classic Holdens of Country Victoria, Brian, RMB 1103, Ararat, 3377, 053 9562316
Classic Rally Club, Geoffrey Bott, Po Box 2643, North Parrammatta, 2151, 047 513396
Club Automobile Francais, John, PO Box 330, Campbelltown, 5074, 08 2715271
Club Citroen of SA, Rolf Breyer, PO Box 463, North Adelaide, 5006, 08 3816266
Club Lotus Australia, Roger Morgan, 02 6521598
Club VW Illawarra, Chris Fraser, PO Box 29, Shellharbour Square, 2529, 015 288450
Club Veedub Sydney Inc., Rod Young, PO Box 1135, Parramatta, 2150, 02 6717281
Coal City Custom Car Club Inc, Raymond Sheppard, PO Box 466, Booval, 4304, 07 32887913
Coast ‘n’ Country Rod, Custom & Drag Racing Club Inc.
Coastal Cruisers Car, Phil Forrestal, PO Box 6399, Coffs Harbour, 2450, 066 523324
Cobra Car Club Inc (Qld Chapter), Russ Clifford, 07 8088287
Cobra Car Club Inc., Mrs Toni Kontozis, PO Box 1012, Morphett Vale, 5162, 08 3221032
Combined Coastal Car Club, Barry Potter, PO Box 128, Cooroy, 4563, 074 476987
Combined Torana Club, Stever Benfield, PO Box 1681, Midland, 6056, 09 5746396 A/H
Commercial Classic Vehicle Register, Hans Stammel, PO Box 124, York-on-Avon, 6302, 096 411194
Commodore Owners Car Club, Allen Bates, PO Box 184, Ingle Farm, 5098, 019 671379
Compact Fairlane Owners Club of Aust., Alan Rose, PO Box 77, Corio, 3214, 052 817306
Component Car Club, Terry Hanley, 16 Duke Street, Forestville, 2087, 02 5200712
Component Car Club, Elizabeth George, 10 Franklin Street, Oaklands Park, 5046,
Component Car Club Qld, Ross Littlewood, 5 Liam Court, Calamvale, 4116, 07 2738395
Component Car Club VIC, Ken Harris, 130 Scoresby Road, Boronia, 3155,
Cooper S Club, Heath Cook, 43 Spicer Crescent, Alice Springs, 0870, 089 530214
Cortina Capri Car Club, PO Box 60, Campbelltown, 5074, 08 2626207
Cortina GT500 and Fastback Register, Randall Langdon, PO Box 1631, Launceston, 7250, 003936498
Cortina-Escort Car Club of Victoria, Graham Fenwick, PO Box 379, Bayswater, 3153, 03 97205626
Cortina/Escort Car Club, Michael Hardy, PO Box 736, St Marys, 2760, 02 6253052
Cortina/Escort Car Club of Qld, Shane Hunter, PO Box 341, Maroochydore, 4558, 074 485926
Corvette Car Club of Canberra, Peter Steve, PO Box 702, Queanbeyan, 2620, 06 2971777
Corvette Car Club of SA, Wayne, 6 Voules Street, Taperoo, 5017, 08 2611214
Corvette Clubs, Peter Steve, PO Box 702, Queanbeyan, 2620, 06 297 1777
Corvettes of Melbourne INC, Greg Webster, 054 9469109
Corvettes of NSW Unlimited, Stephen Browne, 52B Anderson Ave, Panania, 2213, 02 7743334
Corvettes of WA, Tony Katavatis, PO Box 8, Doubleview, 6018, 09 4466243
Council of Country Antique Motor Club, Malcolm Roy, PO Box 500, Narrabri, 2390, 067 922250
Cudegong Valley Pioneer Vehicle Club, Secretary, PO Box 398, Mudgee, 2850, 063 721494
Curved Dash Oldsmobile Register, Terry Lloyd, 80 Jennings St, Curtin, 2605, 06 2814251
Dart SP250 Drivers Club, Nick Pitsinos, 02 4184666
Datsun Sports Owners Australia, Noel Finden, PO Box 342, Nundah, 4012, 07 8486073 ah
Datsun Sports Owners of Aust, Andre Breit, PO Box 594, Penrith, 2751, 02 6864307
Datsun Sports Roadster Club INC, Robert Field, PO Box 326, Lilydale, 3140, 059 643912
Deniliquin Antique Vehicle Club, N Quinlan, 71 Decimus Street, Deniliquin, 2710, 058 812153
Diamond T Register Australia, Ian Hinks, PO Box 480, Irymple, 3498, 050 245248
Dodge Phoenix Club of Australia Inc, Queensland Branch, PO Box 321, Inala, 4077,
Drouin All Brass Swap, Bill Formby, Po Box 3, Drouin, 3818, 056 252344
Dubbo Vehicle Restores Club, Secretary, PO Box W104, West Dubbo, 2830, 068 826778
E.H Car Club of Victoria, Jonathan Dewar, PO Box 121, Ascot Vale, 3032, 03 93571344
EH Car Club of Tasmania Inc, Tony Wickham, PO Box 287, Rosny Park, 7018, 002 658525
EH Holden Car Club, Vincent Moran, PO Box 492, Auburn, 2144, 02 6386453
EJ & EH Holden Owners Club, Darrell Head, PO Box 2734, North Parramatta, 2151, 02 8999731
EJ-EH Car Club of WA, Darryl Weller, PO Box 463, Bentley, 6102, 09 3610384
EJ-EH Holden Social Car Club Canberra, Richard Kimber, PO Box 208, Mawson, 2607, 06 2942155
Early Datsun Car Club, Cherie Jefferyes, 164 Old Ipswich Rd, Riverview, 4303, 07 3493810
Early Falcon Car Club, Peter Duffy, PO Box 445, Guildford, 2161, 02 6422515
Early Falcon Car Club of Queensland to: Neil McAllister Ph. (07) 33557538, Po Box 23, Arana Hills  Qld 4054
Early Falcon Car Club of Victoria INC, Ken Fitzgerald, PO Box 488, Footscray, 3011, 03 6871970
Early Ford V8 Club of America, South Australian Chapter 94, PO Box 332, North Adelaide, 5006,
Early Ford V8 Club of NSW, Colin Waldon, 46 Orana Avenue, Seven Hills, 2147,
Early Model Holden, Tim Sells, PO Box 209, Vermont, 3133, 03 97255109
Easy Street Rod & Custom Club, Ross James, PO Box 10, Berkeley Vale, 2259, 043 927014
FB & FC Car Club of Victoria INC, Michael Materia, PO Box 3061, Auburn, 3123, 03 4597769
FE & FC Holden Club, Wilma Koetsier, PO Box 251, Box Hill, 3128, 03 98708766
FE-FCC Holden Car Club of Queensland, Neil Sweet Man, 74A Woodville Place, Annerley, 4103, 07 8489056
FE-HR Holden Owners Club Act Inc, Graham, PO Box 867, Civic Square, 2608, 06 2513607
FE/FC Holden Car Club of NSW, Siggy Moseneder, PO Box 609, Parramatta, 2124, 02 9714681
FX-FJ Car Club of Canberra, Tony Pryce, 06 2513607
FX-FJ Holden Club of Aust, Brian Bouttit, 32 Lamonerie Road, Toongabbie, 2146, 02 6368058
FX-FJ Holden Club of Australia Bendigo, Secretary, PO Box 152, Bendigo, 3550,
FX-FJ Holden Club of Queensland, Peter Taylor, PO Box 523, South Brisbane, 4101, 07 3965218
FX-FJ Holden Drivers Club, Lot 273 Groves Avenue, South Mulgrave, 2756, 045 772996
FX-FJ Holden Drivers’ Club, Mary Brown, Lot 273 Groves Avenue, South Mulgrave, 2756, 045 772996
FX-HZ Holden Car Club, Terry Highett, PO Box 958, Salisbury, 5108, 08 2500439
FX-HZ Holden Car Club of SA Inc, Terry Highett, PO Box 958, Salisbury, 5108, 08 2500439
Falcon Cobra Car Club Register, David Goff, PO Box 351, Pymble, 2073, 02 6281663
Falcon Cobra Car Club of Australia, Jim Sonterl, PO Box 351, Pymble, 2073, 02 8765475 A/H
Falcon G.T. Club of S.A, Kevin, PO Box 289, Kent Town, 5071, 08 2967683 A/H
Falcon GT Club of Geelong, Daryl Madox, Po Box 120, North Shore, 3214, 052 221833
Falcon GT Owners Club – Gold Coast, PO Box 5471, Gold Coast Mail Centre, 4217, 075 783945
Falcon GT Owners Club Tasmania, Bill Blacklow, 6 Norman Circle, Glenorchy, 7010, 002 726418
Falcon GT Owners Club of NSW, Ross Pagano, PO Box 351, Carlingford, 2118, 02 6066854
Falcon GT Owners Club of QLD, Bob Taylor, PO Box 1351, Brisbane, 4000, 07 3413285
Falcon Gt Club of Australia Inc, Steve, 057 841196
Far North Queensland Restorers Club Inc, Carmel Johnston, PO Box 577, Earlville, 4870, 070 545397
Fiat Car Club of Victoria INC, Jon Carroll, GPO Box 4A, Melbourne, 3001, 1800654005
Fiat Club of NSW, Paul Relly, 11 Bygrave Street, Ryde, 2112,
Fiero Club of Australia, Tony Andrew, PO Box 686, Guildford, 2161, 02 6328772
Fine Iron Rod & Custom Car Club, Mr D Harvey, PO Box 148, Booval, 4304, 07 2891308
Fishers Ghost Auto Club, Secretary, PO Box 390, Campbelltown, 2560, 046 254578
Flat Four Vee Dub Club, Secretary, PO Box 441X, Leumeah, 2560, 046 266726
Ford & 10 Side Valve Club, Reg Dunn, 059 688380
Ford 8 & 10HP Sidevalve Club, Bev or Jim, c/o 7 Verdim Road, Murray Bridge, 5253, 085 310223
Ford Coupe Club of Australia, Lindsay Hendry, PO Box 652, Wantirna South, Victoria 3152, 03 98788043″
Ford Coupe Club of Australia Inc, Shayne Woodhouse, PO Box 1067, Meadowbank, 2114, 02 6714489
Ford Customline Car Club, Fred Frantz, PO Box 221, Reservoir, 3073, 03 3669520
Ford F100 Club of Australia Inc, Des Margitich, PO Box 937, Kenttown, 5071, 08 2580244
Ford Fairlane Club, Jenny Mitting, 24 Watson Street, Gosnells, 6110, 09 3983272
Ford Falcon 35TH Anniversary, Jason Lomperd, PO Box 52, Blair Athol, 5084, 08 2988064
Ford Galaxie Club of Australia, Wayne Jarvis, 047 738610
Ford Performance Car Club, Doug Sterry, PO Box 115, Fairfield, 3078, 03 43292449
Ford Sidevalve Engine Club, Mark Reed, 07 3513412
Fours & Rotaries Association, Paul Truslove, 2/42 Alpha Road, Prospect, 5082, 08 2695127
Gawler Veteran Vintage & Classic Club, Trevor Bellchambers, PO Box 640, Gawler, 5118, 085 221864
Geelong Auto Sepctacular, Anne Knight, Private Bag 911 PO, Manifold, 3218, 082 222608
Geelong Customline Club INC, Julie Hobden, 20 Elinbank Drive, Grovedale, 3216, 052 412970
Geelong FX-FJ Holden Car Club, Nola Appleton, PO Box 81, Geelong, 3220, 052 482593
Goggomobil Register of Aust. Lawrence Jeavons, The Breakers, Hastings Street, Noosa Heads, 4567
Gold Coast Antique Auto Club, Gary Collins, PO Box 228, Mudgeeraba, 4213, 075 917336
Gold Coast Combined Early Holden Club, Garry Hamilton, PO Box 2961, Nerang East, 4211, 07 8014716
Gold Coast Ford Performance Club, Jodi McCullough, PO Box 1179, Burleigh Heads, 4220, 075 722608
Gold Coast Holden & Torana Car Club, Danny Graham, PO Box 2346, Southport, 4215, 075 711724
Gold Coast Register Austin Healey, Gordon Fryer, 075 754486
Gold Coast Street Machines, Peter, PO Box 6365, Gold Coast Mail Centre, 4217, 075 799398 A/H
Gold Coast Street Rodders Association, A Handley, PO Box 2851, East Nerang, 4211, 075 780264
Gold Coast-Tweed Chrysler Valiant Car, Steve Harding, 35 Gilston Road, Nerang, 4211, 07 55963120
Golden West Holden Owners Club, Alex McDonald, 5 Hooley Street, Parkes, 2870, 068 624540
Goodguys Steet Machine Club, Secretary, PO Box 49, Sunbury, 3429,
Goondiwindi & District Vehicle, Neale Dixon, 076 764184
Goulburn Automobile Club, Howard Price, PO Box 50, Goulburn, 2580, 048212713
Grafton Sporting Car Club, Mr Geoffrey Michael, PO Box 334, Grafton, 2460,
Grampians Vintage Vehicle Club, G Bullock, 053 583816
Great Southern Street Machine, Russell Rouse, PO Box 2089, Albany, 6330, 098 416835
Griffith Custom & Classic Car Club, Phillip Crook, PO Box 261, Griffith, 2680, 069 626192
H.D.T. Owners Club, Daryl Phillps, 08 3814185
HDT & HSV Owners Club of Victoria, Robert Innes, PO Box 428, Bayswater, 3153, 03 7626228
HDT/HSV Car Club, Greg Sharp, PO Box 262, Richlands, 4077, 07 2714511
HDT/HSV Owners Club, PO Box 05, Welshpool, 6986, 09 4017416 A/H
HDT/HSV Owners Club of NSW, Brett Gilles, GPO Box 4499, Sydney, 2001, 02 446507
HSV Owners Association of Queensland, Peter Sale, PO Box 6266 Fairfield Gardens, Fairfield, 4103, 07 2524681
Hartwell Motor Cycle Club, PO Box 40, Burwood, 3125, 03 8088405
Hastings Auto Restores Society, D Bleasdale, PO Box 1131, Port Macquarie, 2444, 065 836308
Henty & District Antique Farm, Kevin McKinty, Warrawong, Pleasant Hills, 2658, 069 207626
Hillman Car Club, Bob Killoran, 7 Goldsack Ave, Coromandel Valley, 5051, 08 2702222
Hillman Owner’s Club of Australia, Richard Coy, PO Box 424, Carlingford, 2118,
Hillside Street Machine, Sean McCluskey, 48 Gaydon Street, Fern Tree Gully, 3156, 03 7586343
Historic Clubman Racing Association, John Sexton, PO Box 429, Rose Bay, 2029, 02 3715387
Historic Commercial Vehicle, Glen, PO Box 33, Blacksmiths, 2281, 049 712983
Historic Commercial Vehicle, Jack Buchanan, PO Box 6323, Upper Mount Gravatt, 4122, 07 2864010
Historic Commercial Vehicle Club, Graham Stokes, PO Box 4, Kew, 3101, 03 97953790 A/H
Historic Commercial Vehicle Club Inc, The Secretary, PO Box 4, Kew, 3101,
Historic Fire Engine Association, Brett Williams, PO Box 400, Penrith, 2751, 02 7570187
Historic Motor Vehicles Club, Secretary, PO Box 610, Victor Harbor, 5211,
Historic Racing Car Club, Jack Lacey, 07 8916619
Historic Rally Association, Graham Wallis, 03 8591412
Historic Rally Association, Ted Perkins, PO Box 631, Camberwell, 3124, 03 5801631
Hobart Sporting Car Club, R Vincent John, GPO Box 1155M, Hobart, 7001, 003 947603
Holden – Pre 68 Holden Car Club, Bruce Clementson, 03 7959530 A/H
Holden FE-FC Car Club, Spyro Bouras, GPO Box 444, Goodwood, 5037, 08 2671664
Holden Monaro Club of Victoria, Roger Hancock, PO Box 627, Dandenong, 3175, 03 5304545
Holden Monaro Register, Ben Stewart, PO Box 12137, Elizabeth St BC, Brisbane, 4002,
Holden Special Vehicles Owners Club, Bob Rinshaw, 4 Leopold Street, Vista, 5091, 08 2647226
Holden Sporting Car Club of NSW, Sam Silvestro, PO Box 251, Bankstown, 2200, 02 6332899
Holden Sporting Car Club of Qld, PO Box 558, Fortitude Valley, 4006, 07 33662000
Honda Car Club of NSW, Gary Cook, PO Box 33, Bexley, 2207, 02 5437414
Hornet Car Club of Victoria, Karen Scott, PO Box 85, Doncaster, 3108, 03 8481391
Hudson Essex Terraplane Nash and Rambler Car Club, PO Box 2123, North Parramatta, 2154, 02 8945071
Hudson Terraplance Rambler Essex Nash, Bob Williams, 58 Long Street, Cleveland, 4163, 07 2863245
Hudson Terraplane Rambler Essex, Les Pendlebury, 19 Kay Street, Carlingford, 2118, 02 8691838
Hudson Terraplane Rambler Essex, Ian Smith, 21 Bluebell Court, Flagstaff Hill, 5159, 08 2705606
Hudson Terraplane Rambler Essex, Dale Miller, 52 Orchard Drive, Roleystone, 6111, 09 3975553
Humber Car Club QLD INC, J M Bennett, 5 Solway Street, Carina, 4152, 07 33985062
Humber Car Club of Australia, Ronnie DeBritt, PO Box 2072, Parramatta, 2151, 02 7471014
Humber Car Club of Queensland, Mike Hubert, 5 Coolview Street, Manly West, 4179, 07 3933779
Humber Car Club of Victoria, Graham Hardy, RMB 3661 Barkly Street, Glenlyon, 3461, 03 8369162
Humber Car club of Australia NSW, Rob Macaulay, PO Box 787, Woden, 2606, 06 2755963
Humber Club of SA, Mike Skevington, PO Box 3050, Norwood, 5067, 085 628150
Hunter Valley Chrysler Club, Graham Woodford, PO Box 385, Newcastle, 2300, 049 596883
Hunter Valley Falcon GT Car Club, Adrian Power, PO Box 454, Mayfield, 2304, 063 663283
Hunter Valley Street Machines, Anthony Clarke, PO Box 219, Cardiff, 2285, 049 713283
Hunter Valley Torana Car Club, Les White, PO Box 156, Charlestown, 2290, 049 824387
Idle Wild Hot Rod Club, David Harkin, PO Box 113A, Fairfield, 2165, 047 365871
Illawarra Early Holden Club, Kathy Scott, 1 Cross Street, Corrimal, 2518, 042 843660
Insane Motorsport, Trent McVey, E2/2A Victoria Road, Castle Hill, 2154, 0414473097
Inverell Antique Motor Club, Keith, PO Box 373, Inverell, 2360, 067 222686
Inverell RSM Falcon GT Owners & Form, A Schmidt, PO Box 258, Inverell, 2360, 067 221749
Isuzu Car Club of Australia Inc, PO Box 105, Villawood, 2163,
J & S Hunter Register, Geoffrey Bott, PO Box 2643, North Parramatta, 2151, 047 3513396
Jaguar Car Club of Victoria, Ivan Stephens, 23 Rosalie Street, Springvale, 3171, 03 8443637
Jaguar Driver’s Club, Andrew Byles, PO Box 30 Rundal Mall, Adelaide, 5000, 08 3707261
Jaguar Drivers Club Hunter Region, PO Box 604, Newcastle, 2300, 049 584596
Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia, Secretary, PO Box 10, Drummoyne, 2047, 02 6224852
Jaguar Drivers Club of Canberra, Brian Durack, PO Box 4400, Kingston, 2604, 06 2310797 ah
Jaguar E-Type Register, Roger Payne, PO Box 4130, Kingston, 2604, 06 291 0647
Jaguar MK1 Register, James Sullivan, Badgeree, Cooma, 2630, 064 533280
Jaguar XJ Coupe Australian Register, Paul Kuhlmann, PO Box 207, Blackwood, 5051, 08 2782026
Jaguar XK Register, Terry McGrath, 3 Grange Crt, Eden Hill, 6054, 09 2797003
Jeep Mid-Coast Mopars, Sue Maloney, 043 245932
Jeep Drivers Club, David Hindmarsh, 046 327223
Jensen Car Club, Roy Macumber, 75A Kyle Parade, Kyle Bay, 2221, 02 5465040
Jensen Car Club, Elizabeth Lawson, PO Box 88, Aldgate, 5154, 08 3393850
Jensen Car Club INC, Graeme Watkins, 9 Woodworth Street, Gisborne, 3438,
Just 45 Car Club of South Australia, Sean, PO Box 129, Plympton, 5038, 08 474655
Just Cruizin Street Machines, Josi Tomlinson, 28 Annean Loop, Cooloongup, 6168, 09 5273196
Just Rock (Leisure Dance & Car Club), Ferdie Vande Wetering, PO Box 293, Booval, 4304, 07 32792330
Kapunda & District Vehicle Restoration, Mrs Olive Wade, 085 662310 ah
Kempsey Macleay Auto Restores Club, Secretary, PO Box 155, West Kempsey, 2440, 065 668580
Kilmore Car Club, Scott Hough, PO Box 126, Kilmore, 3764, 057 821701
Kustom Kroozers of Australia, Daryl Miller, PO Box 7, Fingal, 2487, 075 389256
Kustoms of Australia, John Katsanis, PO Box 131, Berwick, 3086, 03 7073655
LTD & Fairland Social Club, K Bryant, 22 Marriot Street, South Belmont, 2280, 049 458514
Lamborghini Club of Australia, Jeff Bertucen, 82 Rawan Cres, Merrewether, 2291, 02 7641945
Lancia Club Queensland INC, PO Box 5771, Bundal, 4217, 075 384797
Lancia Spot Club, Adrian Walmsley, PO Box 423, Mittagong, 2575, 045 774511
Landcrab Owners Club of Australasia, Daryl Stephens, Davidson St, Mitcham, 3125, 03 8733038
Latrobe Valley Street Machines, Tony Mifsud, PO Box 500, Morwell, 3840, 051 742631
Leyland P-76 Owners Club, John Dinnie, PO Box 698, Carlingford, 2218, 02 8715446
Leyland P-76 Owners’Club of Vic INC, Andrew Stapley, 11 Hig Street, Laverton, 3028, 03 3691728
Leyland P76 Classic Car Club, Joe Green, 9 Apsley Place, Taren Point, 2229, 02 5226529
Leyland P76 Owners Club, Nigel, , 08 3250512,
Leyland P76 Owners Club Inc, Phil Crowther , PO Box 698, Carlingford, 2118, 02 6233780
Leyland P76 Owners Club of Australia, PO Box 234, Hamilton Hill, 6168, 09 5279228
Lincoln District Vehicle Enthusiasts, Secretary, PO Box 1006, Port Lincoln, 5606,
Lincoln Mercury Register of Aust & NZ, Graham Allure, PO Box 21, Creswick, 3363, 053 451021
Lincoln Street Cars, Paul Groen, PO Box 2364, Port Lincoln, 5606, 086 830476
Lincoln and Continental Owners Club, Brandon Love, PO Box 68308, Portland Oregon 97268, USA,
Lotus Club Australia, Iain Palmer, 3 Dristen Close, Frankston, 3199, 03 333 2191
Lower Blue Mountains Christian Car Club, Adam Billiards, PO Box 168, Glenbrook NSW 2773, (047) 396467
MG Australian T Series Association, Secretary, 1209 Mair Street, Ballarat, 3350,
MG Australian T Series Association, Secretary, PO Box 5178, Sunshine Coast Mail Centre, 4560,
MG Car Club,  Perth, 6001 (08)94873100
MG Car Club – Gold Coast, Murray Arundell, PO Box 1018, Southport, 4216, 07 2771255
MG Car Club Canberra Inc, Jim Parsons, 06 319697 ah
MG Car Club Geelong, Barry Simmons, PO Box 296, Geelong, 3220, 052 502434
MG Car Club Hunter Region Inc, Chris Leggett, PO Box 503, Wallsend, 2287, 049 392246
MG Car Club Newcastle Inc, Fran Hodgson, PO Box 62A, Newcastle, 2300, 049 586633
MG Car Club Sunshine Coast, Phil Evett, PO Box 683, Buderim, 4556, 074 422080
MG Car Club of Nambour & District, Tim Orchard, 074 448755
MG Car Club of Queensland, PO Box 1847, Brisbane, 4000,
Macedon Ranges & District Motor Club, Lynette Finn, PO Box, Romsey, 3434, 015 844323
Mack Truck Register Australia/NZ, Darb Whalan, 531 Stenner Street, Toowoomba, 4350, 076 355242
Maitland Auto Preservation Society, Secretary l, PO Box 86, Maitland, 5573,
Maitland Street Rodders, Rob Stobbie, PO Box 21, East Maitland, 049 323222
Manning Custom and Classic Car Club, Peter Bird, PO Box 170, Taree, 2430, 065 527547
Manning Mopars, Glen Dale, PO Box 987, Taree, 2430, 065 526410
Maryborough District Historical Vehicles, Vern Hanson, RMB 2891, Maryorough, 3465, 054 614646
Maryborough Street Machines & Rods, Chris Hughes, PO Box 581, Maryborough, 4650, 071 232835
Mazda MC5 Club of SA, EdMcCaul, PO Box 3380, Rundle Mall, 5000, 08 3822593
Mazda MX-5 club of NSW, Peter Simpson, PO Box 267, North Sydney, 2059, 02 4197125
Mazda Rotary Car Club of Tasmania, Ian Bridge, 4-40 Loinah Cres, Montague Bay, 7018, 002 448444
Mazda mx-5 Club of Victoria, Mr Michael Cemm, PO Box 5008, Hawthorn, 3122, 03 97873671
Mercedes Benz Classic Club Hunter Valley, Bill Graham, 16 Kuranda Cres, Kotara South, 2289, 049 574733
Mercedes Benz Club ACT Inc, Marg Sobey, 06 2547326
Mercedes Benz Enthusiasts Association, Tim Smith, PO Box 69, Calwell, 2905, 06 2916774
Mercedes-Benz Car Club, Chris Flamer, PO Box 965, West Perth, 6005, 09 2278088
Mercedes-Benz Club, Ken Gillies, PO Box 1500, Box Hill, 3128, 03 7924272
Mercedes-Benz Club, Mr R J Grierson, PO Box 287, Brighton, 5048, 08 2958738
Mercedes-Benz Club (NSW) Inc, PO Box 521, Strawberry Hills, 2012, 02 4986412
Mercedes-Benz Enthusiasts Association, PO Box 69, Calwell, 2905, 06 2916774
Micro Car and Scooter Club of NSW, Fred Diwell, 3235 singleton Rd, Colo Heights, 2756, 045 650219
Mid North Coast Hot Rod Club Inc, John Hartsuyker, PO Box 112, Woolgoolga, 2456, 066 524633
Mid North Drag Club, Des Will, PO Box 788, Port Price, 5540, 086 330301
Mild to Wild Rod’n Custom club, President Laurie, PO Box 117, Noosaville, 4566, 074 740944
Military & Historic Vehicle Club, Peter, PO Box 481, Hyde Park, 4812, 077 715898
Military Jeep Club, Merv, PO Box 131, Woolloongabba, 4102, 07 2006757
Military Jeep Club of Qld Inc, Secretary Sharyn Cattell, PO Box 131, Woolloongabba, 4102, 07 2006757
Military Vehicle Collectors Society, Rob Sanders, 08 2689077
Mitsubishi 4WD Club, John Geerts, PO Box 214, Park Holme, 5043,
Model A Ford Club of SA, Ron Davidson, PO Box 202, North Adelaide, 5006, 08 2512006
Model A Restores Club (Aust) Inc, Allen Stafford, PO Box 320, Dickson, 2602, 06 2413360
Model T Ford Club, Secretary, PO Box 383, Chadstone Centre, 3148, 03 98852368
Model T Ford Club of Australia NSW, Rex Taylor, PO Box 2658, North Parramatta, 2151, 02 6397957
Model T Ford Club of Victoria, David Jemieson, 50 Francis Street, Blackburn, 3130, 03 8782796
Monaro Car Club Sydney Inc, Warren Ellis, PO Box 6969, Parramatta Business Centre, 2150, 02 622 1247
Monaro Club of QLD, Graham Curtis, C/O 47 Ingham Road, Jimboomba, 4280, 07 3933690
Monaro Owners Club of Act Inc, Michael Gifford, PO Box 1627, Woden 2606, 2606, 02 6383328
Mopar RoadRunners, Jo, PO Box 1149, Campbeltown, 2560, 046 471206
Moree Vehicle Restorers Club Inc, Ray Wadwell, PO Box 131, Moree, 2400, 067 523282
Morgan Car Owners Club, P Anderson, PO Box 154, Daylesford, 3460, 00 7902676
Morgan Country Car Club, Tom Oram, 060 260699
Morris & Morris Minor Car Clubs, Danny Symons, PO Box 115, Edwardstown, 5039, 08 3372628
Morris Car Club, Tony Easterby, PO Box 93, gosnells, 6110, 09 4054205
Morris Minor Car Club, Lance Arkinstall, PO Box 5718, Gold Coast Mail Centre, 4217, 075 352862
Morris Minor Car Club Victoria, Dr Dave Warren, 31 Olive Street, Caulfield, 3162, 03 98394043
Morris Minor Club ACT & Southern NSW, Rod Odell, PO Box 3202, Weston, 2611, 06 2950627
Morris Minor Club of Tasmania Inc, Lyndon and Julianne Stebbings, PO Box 783, Devonport, 7310, 004 279500
Morris Owners Club Hunter Region Inc, Carol Newman, PO Box 304, Wallsend, 2287, 049 532647
Morris Register of NSW Inc, Fred Burley, PO Box 138, Homebush, 2140, 02 6446381
Morris Register of Victoria, Neil Wakeman, PO Box 367, Box Hill, 3128, 03 8417773
Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts Club Inc, Maurie Thwaite, PO Box 911, Darwin, 0801, 089 270010
Mr 2 Owners Club of Australia, Kevin Clarence, Fox Road, Narre Warren North, 3804, 03 7968692
Mustang Boss 302 Australian Registry, David Livian, PO Box 302, Endfield, 2136, 02 642 1494
Mustang Owners Club, Secretary, 03 7201267
Mustang Owners Club, John Randell, PO Box 210, North Adelaide, 5006, 08 2640753
Mustang Owners Club, Vince Shervington, PO Box 429, Victoria Park, 6100, 09 3644778
Mustang Owners Club of Aust, Robin Bath, PO Box 8390, Wooloongabga, 4102, 07 3994189
Mustang Owners Club of Australia, Ian, 07 2736376
Mustang Owners Club of Australia, David Livian, PO Box 289, St Ives, 2075, 02 642 1494
NSU Register of Australia, 13 Binburra Way, Armadale, 6112, 09 3863828
NSW North Coast FE & FC Holden Car Club, Dan Power, PO Box 111, Bowraville, 2449, 065 647604
NSW Street Machine Association Inc, Trevor Hoffman, PO Box 59, Cambridge Park, 2747, 047 291093
NSW V8 Holden Club, Gary or Denise, PO Box 394, Ryde, 2112, 02 874 9349
National XK-XP Falcon Club, Llew, PO Box 139, Curtin, 2605, 06 2513141
Nepean District Morris Minor Car Club, Heather Baxter, PO Box 427, St Marys, 2760, 02 6734687
New Anglia-Prefect & Cortina Car Club, Secretary, PO Box 2413, North Parramatta, 2151,
Newcastle District Vintage Car Club, John McDonald, PO Box 20, New Lambton, 2305, 047 559398
Newcastle Restored Vehicle Club Inc, P Taylor, PO Box 217, New Lambton, 2305, 049 436561
Newcastle XM-XP Hardtop Car Club, John Longworth, PO BOX 162, Waratah, 2298, 049 549019
Nhill Motor Sports Club, Stephen Purchase, PO Box 78, Nhill, 3418, 053 913016
Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club, Tom Cantwell, PO Box 402, South Yarra, 3141, 03 97173340
Nissan Patrol, The Secretary, 02 772 2252
Nissan SVD Owners Association, Colin Robb, 7 Bouddi St, Bow Bowing, 2566, 018 461318 AH
Noosa Beach Classic Car Club, Secretary, PO Box 1115, Noosa Heads, 4567, 074 480050
Noosa Mild to Wild Car Club, Laurie, PO Box 117, Noosaville, 4566, 074 745666
North Queensland Volkswagen Club, Ron Doyle, PO Box 1925, Cairns, 4870, 070 514474
Northern Districts Rodders, Russell Wright, 660 Oxley Ave, Redcliffe, 4020, 07 2036366
Northern Rivers Vintage & Veteran Car, Noel Johnston, Club Inc, PO Box 122, LIsmore, 2480, 066 291289
Northside Fx-FJ Holden Car Club, Basil Bemvenuti, PO Box 2226, Chermside, 4032, 07 2051568
Number Plate Collectors’ Club Australia, David West, PO Box 1, Wantirna South, 3152, 03 98874949
Oaklander Register (Australia), Ron Bowler, Twin House Road M5 50, Stanthorpe, 4380, 076 836297
Old Motoring Club, W Prigg, 6 Daley Rd, Yagoona, 2199, 02 7095974
Oldsmobile Club of Australia INC, Secretary, PO Box 141, Melton, 3337, 03 7432651
Otway Four Wheel Drive Club, PO Box 177, Colac, 3250,
Packard Automobile Club of Australia, John Wheeler, PO Box 14, Turramurra, 2074, 02 8372609
Parkes Antique Motor Club, Alan Payne, PO Box 476, Parkes, 2870, 068 621975
Peninsula Customs, Wendy John, PO Box 4, Tyabb, 3913, 059 711989
Penisula 1948-1967 Holden Car Club, Simon Blackwell, PO Box 2083, Currum Downs, 3201, 03 7896524
Pennisula Customs, Tony, 059 839253
Penrith Rod & Custom Club Inc, Dave and Stacey Moore, PO Box 101, Cambridge Park, 2747, 047 212146
Perth City Street Machine, Bill Mair, 09 3518877
Peugeot Car Club, Peter Kerr, PO Box 1263, Camberwell, 3124, 019 401398
Peugeot Car Club, Wally Best, PO Box 699, Modbury, 5092, 08 2550851
Peugeot Car Club of NSW Inc, Ross Berghofer, PO Box 203, Cremorne Junction, 2090, 02 7472745
Phoenix Rod & Custom Club Inc, John Gale, PO Box 406, East Maitland, 2323, 049 514763
Pittwater Motor Enthusiasts Association, Bob Radridge, PO Box 499, Newport Beach, 2016, 02 9186430
Pontiac Car Club Queensland Chapter, Stuart Cooper, 07 8481266
Pontiac Car Club Victoria Chapter, David Beal, 03 95848400
Pontiac Car Club of Australia, John Edwards, 047 826818
Pontiac Car Club of Australia Act Chapte, Ross Everitt, PO Box 4232, Kingston, 2604, 06 2470620
Porsche 356 Register, Phillip Schudmax, PO Box Box 7356, Melbourne, 3004, 03 8672663
Porsche 914 Register, Brian Cleariham, 03 6909017 A/H
Port Augusta Vehicle Restorers Club, Iris Herde, PO Box 1992, Port Augusta, 5700, 086 347077
Post Vintage Car Club Inc, Adrian Gray, PO Box 520, Moontah, 7009, 002 723308
Prince Skyline GT Register, Noel Sinclair, PO Box 32, Surrey Hills, 3127,
Queensland American Ford V8 Club, Ron Bickley, PO Box 1, Sunnybank, 4109, 07 3457160
Queensland Charger Car Club, Ruth, 27 Bowen Street, Alexandra Hills, 4161, 07 3903682
Queensland Chevrolet Car Club, Greg Webster, PO Box 235, Coorparoo, 4151, 07 38035383
Queensland Chrysler Association, Mark Collins, PO Box 9, Rochedale South, 4123, 07 8415559
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