TurboClub.com Website CMS 2011 – 500 + pages to update!

After having been at the forefront of website development in the automotive field many years ago with tens of millions of hours and terabytes of traffic logged to our FrontPage HTML site, we have decided to bring the site into the 21st century.

Unfortunately we did not capitalise on our popularity at the time as this has always been a one man hobby site and not considered a business. We have about 500 pages of html to convert to WP format so will take a while. Meanwhile I will add to this WP updated site.

Welcome to Turbo-Cars
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It is probably not going to change into a business but will change into a more modern day equivalent to keep up with technology and peoples expectations of a leading automotive website. We have decided to use WordPress at this stage but may change our mind again soon before we get to far into converting those hundreds of old pages into the CMS we eventually choose.

Turbocharging as a technology has now existed for near thirty years on production vehicles and I remember not so long ago people were saying it was DEAD as a modern automotive methodology!  РYEAH RiiiiiiiihhhhhT! Did not believe it then and you probably did not either.

Any fool can see and understand forced induction is the last bastion of small and large capacity internal combustion engine efficiency and fuel conservation if driven correctly. Yes I guess Electric and eventually Hydrogen WILL make it to the common factory produced car but that will be a while yet!

For sheer exilaration with power nothing beats a properly setup turbo system irregardles of engine capacity.

Thank goodness that Volkswagen had the guts to build the Bugatti VEYRON Quad Turbo W16!

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