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Carbon Revolution Wheels


Carbon Revolution produces the world’s only one-piece carbon fiber wheel:

the most technically advanced wheel on the planet, and one of the most advanced lightweight technologies on any car.

The innovative Aussies from Geelong, in Victoria (Yes, the same place they once built FORD Motor cars. Henry would be proud of them!) who created the first one-piece carbon fiber wheel overcame an immense challenge on how to optimize the structural integrity and create the ideal stiffness for ultimate performance.

Carbon-Revolution-Wheel-1The company technicians and scientists have also developed techniques to ensure a consistent, high-quality manufacturing process in the most critical automotive application of lightweight and strong rolling stock with exceptional balance.

The proprietary and patented Carbon Revolution manufacturing process shapes and forms the carbon fiber into the complex internal structure of the wheel. Automated operations result in high-volume, precision fabrication of the carbon fiber preforms. 

A great car deserves the best wheels.

Tested in Germany to the highest T√ľV standards, and available for purchase, Carbon Revolution knows carbon fiber better than anybody.

Backed by patents and many awards, the one-piece Carbon Revolution CR-9 doesn’t just look like the future of wheels, it is the future. And you can drive that future today! 



The Carbon Revolution engineering team has many years of experience with composite technology, with decades of experience in Aerospace and Automotive Design. Our Engineers employ cutting-edge computer modeling tools to optimize the composite structures to very precise specifications, ensuring the wheels improve vehicle performance.


1.Start line: Launch hard with reduced inertia: get more power to the ground.

2.Tight high-g corner, higher cornering speeds due to increased grip. +0.14s

3.Bumps on track. Carbon wheels glide right over the bumps. Bumps upset the car with the aluminum wheel forcing the driver to breath on the throttle costing time and creating more work for the driver. +0.08s

4.Very tough section, off-camber, mid-corner bump and a wide line will hit curbing. Improved grip over curbing, improved steering precision and better chassis control allows the driver to keep the throttle wide open. +0.42s

5.Large bump and g-out in middle of the track typically upsets the chassis with aluminum wheels. Improved suspension performance due to lightweight CR-9 wheels allows the suspension to soak up the bumps without upsetting the chassis. +0.14s

6.Late braking, early on the throttle and increased grip mid corner. +0.45s

7.Finish line: total split = 1.23sec, almost 13 vehicle lengths on the straight!

  • All around the track the transitions in and out of the corners are smoother.
  • Far less adjustments by the driver to steering and throttle allows the car to taker a better line and not have to lift.
  • If you can get back to throttle quicker on corner exit lap times will come down.


  • Improved suspension performance increases grip, enhancing control and stability in the corner
  • Improved steering feel made the car easier to drive at the limit

* Average speed on the straight was 104mph resulting in a gap of 13 vehicle lengths for the 1.243sec split in lap times


ATP-STi-GOLD-$2350 Turbo Car Club


ATP Website:

Advanced TURBO Performance

 03 9555 0848
3 Walter St. Moorabbin,
Victoria Australia



Recently moved from Murrumbeena to Moorabbin a South Eastern suburb of Melbourne, Kyp, the owner of ATP has had extensive experience in all aspects of turbocharger service and modifications.Having owned one of Australia’s quickest VL Commodore Turbo’s over a few years, Kyp learnt what works and what does not the hard way . He was first into 12’s then 11’s with an auto VL – photo’s soon. Kyp also has his extremely modified Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo for sale, having just sold his other not so radical Lancer Turbo. I guess he knows a bit about Lancers too!Actually he is very knowlegeable about ALL Mitsubishi Turbo cars as well as Nissans, VL Commodores and most other turbo’s.
Although a one man band, (NO eager apprentice test drivers work here)  Kyp is able to turnaround most jobs in a short period and only takes on what he can handle himself. 



As well as doing all turbo mods and service, he is also able to do normal service and general motor mechanical work.If you need to have work done, please ring to book in your job first if possible.

Mobile 0412 555 909

If you have a turbocharger that needs repair,  Kyp will STRIP the TURBO and QUOTE for FREE a price to fix the problem.Think about it, how can he quote you an acurate price over the phone if he has not seen or stripped the turbo down to find the problem!!

He may be a TURBO guru but he’s NOT an ORACLE!

Do you phone the Doctor before you go to the clinic to get a quote? ūüėČDo YOU always want a ” rough ball park quote”?¬†

If it was you being forced into quoting on something you had not seen, wouldn’t you say a higher price to make sure you were not out of pocket if the owner bought the turbo in and it was stuffed.


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Michigan Turbo

Michigan Turbo distributes and rebuilds car turbo chargers!  We specialize in all turbos, large and small.

We Specialize in Brand New, Upgrade, Replacement, Hard to Find, Rebuilt, and Obsolete Turbochargers.

With over 2,000 turbochargers in stock for all gas and diesel engines, Michigan Turbo can get you back on road today!  Michigan Turbo are a Schwitzer and AirResearch distributor.  Michigan Turbo specialize in all types of turbochargers, including high-performance turbos and superchargers for automotive applications.  If you are looking for more performance and better fuel economy, this is the place.

Michigan Turbo have technicians who will rebuild your turbo and save you money as our prices are very competitive, especially on fuel injection service.

 Let Michigan Turbo improve your performance today!
4375 Hansen Street, S.W. Wyoming, MI 49548

Phone: (616)-531-5126 Toll Free: (800) 848-8480

stage6 Turbo Car Club

Stage 6 Motorsports

Stage 6 Motorsports offer performance through innovation.

Services include the sales and installation of custom and after-market turbo systems, motor/engine modifications, custom & aftermarket exhaust, suspension systems, motor swaps, plus design & production consultation.

Stage 6 Motorsports is your one stop shop for high quality parts and dynamic modifications for your sport vehicle. We specialize in: Forced Induction (Turbos, Superchargers), Engine Modifications, Fuel System Upgrades, Drive Train Upgrades, Suspension Systems, Advanced Engine Management & Control, Nitrous Oxide Systems, Exhaust Systems, Air Flow Management, plus much more.

Stage 6 Motorsports¬†had the opportunity to participate in one of the greatest builds ever:¬†The Ford GT Twin Turbo. Now, before you email the webmaster about a mistake in numbers, don’t bother, they’re correct. That’s right, this project car delivers power that exceeds the¬†4 digit mark with torque numbers not that far behind.¬†

Performance [ See Stage 6 Motorsports website here for much more! ]
РHorsepower: 1,453 WHP   РTorque: 1,250 WTQ


5105 Philips Highway Jacksonville, FL 32207 local – 904.379.4921

Performance Through Innovation

ATP Turbo Australia Turbo Car Club

Turbo Developments Ltd

Turbo Developments Ltd has provided expert turbocharger services and supply to the trade and public for over 25 Years Est 1989.

Turbo Developments Ltd hold a vast range of turbochargers and electronic actuators in stock, on the shelf, ready to go at any given time.

Based in West London, just off the Great West Road, close to the M25, M4 and Heathrow airport, means we can provide the service you need, efficiently and promptly.

You have the option of fast guaranteed next business day delivery on all orders to UK mainland, ordered before 2pm, Or You can bring your turbocharger or electronic actuator to Turbo Developments Ltd directly, so an experienced and dedicated team member can inspect the unit in front of You, this enables us to discuss and resolve your inquiry guiding you to the best possible option fast and efficiently.

114 Windmill Road – Brentford – London – Middlesex – TW8 9NA 020 8560 3927

All Manufacturing and Re-manufacturing is carried out in house in Turbo Developments Ltd fully contained Industrial Premises based in West London.

With a background in precision engineering, formally specialising in the manufacture of F1 Racing Car Components, we specialise solely in the remanufacture, supply and service of all turbochargers, electronic actuators and now manufacturers of the ‘electronic actuator testing system’ the ATD-1.Turbo Developments Ltd¬†assure the highest quality at low prices guaranteed and all units are supplied with manufacturers 12 month warranty.

All works carried out to the highest of standards which means we are able to provide you with a first class service, complete with comprehensive manufacturers 12 months warranty.

ATP-logo Turbo Car Club

ATP Advanced Turbo Performance

WHY you SHOULD get ATP in Melbourne to do your turbo repairs!

The main reason our private and other workshop clients keep coming back to Advanced Turbo Performance, 

is the RELIABILITY and DURABILITY of our Computer Balanced turbo rebuilds and turbo repairs!

Image3 copy relocate ATP Turbo Repairs   Turbo Repairs

Other reasons clients keep coming back to Kyp at ATP, now at 3 Walter St. Moorabbin Victoria,

ATP Turbo Repairs moorabbin 300x172 ATP Turbo Repairs   Turbo Repairsfor turbo repairs, is the many years of experience putting together combinations of higher performance turbo High-Flow rebuilds that withstand the rigours of road and race track, at a reasonable price!

ATPturbo Repair Room 01 300x167 ATP Turbo Repairs   Turbo Repairs

Our new in house dedicated turbo repair clean room with our computerised balancer ensures the long term operation of the optimally balanced turbo components for road or track performance.


3 Walter Street, Moorabin, Victoria, Australia

ATP Turbo Repairs Custom Turbo Sales

precision turbo Turbo Car Club

Precision Turbo & Engine

Founded in 1987,¬†Precision Turbo and Engine¬†is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of¬†high performance, aftermarket turbochargers.

Precision Turbo and Engine manufacturing facility, conveniently located in Northwest Indiana, has been a worldwide supplier of high performance turbochargers that have set the standard foruncompromised quality and unsurpassed performance since the late 1990s.

Over the years, Precision Turbo and Engine have designed, tested, and manufactured record setting and championship winning turbochargers for all racing organizations, as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers such as General Motors. As Precision Turbo and Engine continue to expand our operations and product offerings, you can count on PTE to plan for all your future needs.

616A South Main Street Hebron, IN 46341

Tri-State Turbo Turbo Car Club

Tri-State Turbo

Tri-State Turbo is the leading independent representative of new and rebuilt turbocharger replacements on the East Coast.

Tri-State Turbocharger offers a complete line of performance turbochargers, Borg Warner EFR, Garrett GT Ball Bearing along with a complete line of turbine manifolds and installation hardware for the performance enthusiast. Call direct for experienced technical advice regarding Borg Warner EFR Performance Turbochargers, Garrett GT Ball Bearing Performance Turbochargers and cartridge replacements

Tri-State Turbo offer an extensive inventory of re-manufactured cores to accommodate most owner operator and fleet services. Offering overnight core exchange services and in-house turbocharger service for almost any turbocharger.

Tri-State Turbo facility offers inhouse turbocharger rebuild services, turbocharger vibration testing, performance turbocharger upgrades, precision machine shop services, TIG welding and professional fabrication.

–¬†Tri-State Turbo Service¬†have the ability to meet the most demanding requests and have direct access to all major brands including ABB, Borg Warner, Garrett, Holset, IHI, MAN, Napier, RotoMaster Schwitzer, 3K.

80 Greenwood Avenue #12 Midland Park, NJ 07432 Toll Free: 888-292-7001

full race Turbo Car Club

Full-Race Motorsports

Full-Race Motorsports, LLC designs and manufactures precision engineered equipment for the performance aftermarket.

Founded in 2002 by Geoff Raicer, his vision for the company was to engineer and manufacture top of the line turbo systems and supporting hardware for 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines.

Since our inception, Full-Race’s new-school approach to engineering, fabrication and grassroots marketing has set the “gold standard” for turbocharger exhaust manifolds and our state-of-the-art turbo kits. Our expertise extends from street driven turbo enthusiasts to professional race teams such as Sierra Sierra/Cosworth and T1 Race Developments and even OE Manufacturers like BorgWarner, Honda of America, Toyota NA, Ford Motor Company and more. As turbocharging grows internationally and crosses cultural boundaries, our products will continue to be highly regarded around the world for unrivaled quality, reliability and performance – reinforcing Full-Race’s position as one of the most trusted and influential names in forced induction.

5019 E Madison St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 Sales ¬Ľ (866) FULL-RACE Tech ¬Ľ (602) 437-2101

Turbo Car Club

Turbo Service Brasil LTDA

Turbo Service is a company founded in 1983, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, specializing in the sale, repair and technical assistance of turbochargers and torque converters.

Since year 2000, we have the first branch abroad, Turbo Service Brasil Ltda, designed to provide a complete solution with the best care possible to all our off-highway machinery customers in this country.

Our company has one of the largest permanent stock of spare parts of powershift transmission in Argentina and Brazil, together with an extensive worldwide logistics network which enables us to assist in all product lines, from all factories quickly and effective, thus complying with the needs and requirements of our customers in these applications.

Our service centers are leaders in investment and equipment for comprehensive care of transmissions, torque converters and turbochargers in Argentina and Brazil, comprising machining centers, recovery of components, adjustments, and dynamic tests on special benches for the repaired unit, with the latest technology available and we also have ongoing training and certified in the factories we represent.

Rua Prof. Flaviano de Mello 285 ‚Äď Centro Mogi das Cruzes Sao Paulo Brazil CEP: 08710-620

(11) 4721-2005

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