Your new Nissan R35 GTR Twin Turbo V6 awaits

Your new Nissan 2007 GTR Twin Turbo awaits,

as you use your key to unlock

and enter the cockpit to one of the worlds greatest fighter jets, oops, sorry….

as you seat your self snugly in the futuristic surrounds, you tremble at the thought of the coming experience

Awaiting your firm touch to stab the ‘START’ Button

The GTR sits still awaiting your intentions idling at a steady rate with a muted growl..

You know you have everything at your disposal to dispatch nearly all comers

The twin turbos are awaiting your command, ready to blur the horizon at will

You know that the incredibly designed aerodynamic body can scythe through the air, remaining stable at any speed

the rear mounted transaxle gearbox able to withstand any punishment

from the state of the art  twin turbo’s with integrated exhaust manifolds for instant response

the low restriction exhaust playing its part in delivering the best possible throaty snarl when the Godzilla is unleashed

The Brembo disc brakes ready to wash off 100’s of kilometers per hour in seconds

You will be extremely well informed of all operating parameters of the GTR at any time

with the comprehensive multi – gauge display able to show most functions at a touch.


'82 Mitsubishi Starion Turbo - 91 Mazda Familia Turbo AWD - 91 Nissan Skyline R32 AWD Turbo - 69 AMC Javelin 401 & GMC Supercharger - 72 AMC Javelin

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