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 2015 August    ADDED this to new WordPress Website
2009 MAR   Tidy up of information
2006 NOV   Website layout look and feel changed yet again .
2006 OCT   NEW Members Only Website – www.TurboClubMembers.com
2003 JUNE   Nissan GTS4 RB20 Injector Upgrade to RX7 550cc units here
2003 MAY   The ADELAIDE Trip to MORPOWA to be DYNO’D by Martin Donnon.
2003 APRIL   EASTER NATIONALS – Melbourne 18-20th April
2003 APRIL  MCCR   EASTER Friday 18th Children’s Hospital appeal – 1000 cars!!
MARCH 2003 MCCR Melbourne Car Cruise Registry Photo Shoot Sunday 30-03-2003
AUG 2002 HR 33 GTR Intercooler upgrade info here
MAY 2002 For Sale Toyota Supra 1989 Turbo 3L – Sydney Australia
MAY 2002 AMX AMC AMX Muscle Car on the Mountain 
APR 2002   Nissan GTR 35 Concept
MAR 2002   MCCR Easter Royal Childrens Hospital Donation Cruize
FEB 2002   Mazda MX5 Turbo Released by Mazda Australia & Mazda Motorsport
NOV 2001   Auto Speed Shop Added
NOV 2001   Porsche 911 GT2
NOV 2001   Mazda Familia GTX
NOV 2001  

Nissan Skyline GTS4     AWD 2Door Coupe    Complete Auto Trans & Turbo Rebuild!

SEPT 2001 buttmit.gif (1654 bytes) Mitsubishi GTO VR4
SEPT 2001 buttmit.gif (1654 bytes) Mitsubishi EVO VI  – Australia’s RalliArt Tommi Makinen Edition
MAY 2001 HR33 “Tommy Kaira” Skyline added for SALE here
MAY 2001 Mazda RX7 pages modified – RX7 R1 Model for Sale added
FEB 2001 buttmit.gif (1654 bytes) Mitsubishi Cordia Pages added and updated
FEB 2001 AUDI S3 S4 S6 pages added
JAN 2001   Posting Forums back on line at long last, including 

TurboTorque & ForSALE/Wanted listing for FREE at this time.

MAY to  DEC 2000 MANY UPDATES, including relocating our webserver inhouse to our new premises.
10 MAY 2000
Performance Sporting Italian Thoroughbred Turbo’s added to Manufacturers Listing on Sidebar Menu. 
8  MAY 2000   Updated Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, & other Pages.
10 APRIL 2000
RACE Brakes 
Vendor of Performance Disc Brake Pads 
30 MARCH 2000  
BATHURST 1984/85

Information on Nissan & Mitsubishi Turbo’s racing.

30 MARCH 2000  
BATHURST 1984/85
Position Results Here
20 MARCH 2000  
The Australian MOTOR RACING YEAR 1985/86
Position Results Here
20 MARCH 2000   The Australian MOTOR RACING YEAR 1985/86
13 MARCH 2000  
CKD Kira Turbo
Recent Low Volume Buider CKD have created a smart looking rear mounted four cylinder turbo convertible to compete with the Lotus Elise etc.
7 MARCH 2000  
AMC Javelin – RTO 06100005
Rambler Javelin is the worlds underdog muscle car. Proven better than the Chev Camaro and Ford Mustang in the hands of Donahue and Penske, is unrecognised by most.
7 MARCH 2000  
AMC Hornet – RTO 06100005
Rambler Hornet is one of the worlds best looking four door sedans with adequate power from the six or 360 V8 AMC engines ( NO its not by Chrysler)
7 MARCH 2000 buttmit.gif (1654 bytes)
Mitsubishi TC06-11A Turbo
An incomplete page on a highly moddified Mits Turbocharger
7 MARCH 2000  
Chrysler Valiant – RTO 06100005
The Australian AP5 Valiant Slant Six in this beast did 14sec 400M blowing away Ford GTHO’s:-)
7 MARCH 2000  
BMW 633 – RTO 06100005
The BMW 633 Six Series Coupe was an attractive ride with performance and handling to suit.
6 MARCH 2000 buttsub.gif (1822 bytes)
Subaru WRX Evo 4 
Subaru’s latest streetfighter is not much more than a wolf in a lions skin.
Subaru WRX STi Electra One
The BEST looking WRX to date, with enough to tempt all other owners to buy the bits to make theirs look the same!!
6 MARCH 2000 butthyu.gif (1770 bytes)
Hyundai Start Page
Well it had to happen I guess. after all they did release an underated Turbo powered Scoupe based on a Mits licenced engine design.


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