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About the AMC Javelin Register of Australia.

TurboClub built this website in 2007 for benefit of all owners of AMC Javelins.

The AM Javelin Register of Australia was first conceived around 1984 by Dianne and Alan Wilson who had two AMC Javelins as daily drivers. At this time there existed the Rambler Car Club of Victoria so most Javelin owners were involved and knew each other. It was decided the Javelin was unique and special enough to deserve a dedicated register and formation of a separate club.
To this end we banded together and Dianne decided to take on the workload of putting together a small booklet newsletter which had its first issue distributed in the Spring of 1984. This came to be known as “On Target” in deference to the Javelin “Bullseye” round badge of a small circle inside a larger one. We plan on using this site to share past magazines produced by the register, pictures and discussions of our progress, and useful hints on maintenance and restoration. That was THEN, this is 2021.

Unfortunately we lost Dianne in 2020. RIP and condolences to her family.
I wanted to rebuild this into TurboClub.com in her remembrance.
She was a tireless stalwart of the AMC Javelin in Australia and produced many issues of “On Target” over the years which were enjoyed by all members.

Many of these magazines are featured for reading on this website which I have rebuilt from my original back ups of the original website I created.
As time passed the website was abandoned and various named iterations have appeared and disappeared. TurboClub.com has been online constantly since 1997, and hope to be around for a few more decades yet.

What’s  New

  • 2007 Sunday June 24 – AGM at Lunch at Eltham Hotel –
  • 2007 Sunday June 24 –
    Decided to build a Website

Key Milestones

  • 2007 June 27 – Registered Domain
  • 1984 Spring – First edition of the News Letter “On Target”
  • more …

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