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HENZOL -TURBO Ltd distributes components for exhaust-driven superchargers

HENZOL -TURBO Ltd distributes turbo parts, such as components, repair kits, shafts, compressor impellers, downstream walls, bearing housings, center pieces, which are completely assembled and entirely corresponds to the factory technological specifications.

Our company has relationships in more than 32 countries in Europe, with large and small supercharger services, and we are continuously developing our turbo parts stock according to the requirements they experience.

Thanks to the large amount of parts on stock, we can immediately deliver the required component on order.

At henzolturboparts.com homepage a unique database (supercharger database) significantly helps our partners to quickly find the item numbers of the components, which are necessary for the repair, and to order it.

1213 BUDAPEST, HAT√ĀR UTCA 103 – HUNGARY http://henzolturboparts.com/ [email protected]

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