The BMW M Diesel triple-turbo is extremely high tech.

This BMW M diesel TTT seriously seduces with its output.

With a specific output of 127 hp/liter, the new M diesel matches the new M5’s mill for power output.

Stunning, and yes… dead sexy.   By

381 hp will be ample to get the job done, and this is already seen from the provisional 0-60 times stated in the press material, showing the M550d sedan making the sprint in a scant 4.7 seconds. A driveshaft knotting 546 lb-ft of torque is always at the ready, and we know exactly how much fun this figure will be in practice. Clearly, this engine will add life to its chassis, and become one with the driving experience.

Opposite Lock: M Diesels Take the Stage

The triple-turbo is extremely high tech. From its common-rail fuel injection pressures of nearly 32,000 psi to its three separate variable-vane twin-scroll turbos, this engine oozes sophistication. It is proudly the most advanced diesel on sale and given its all-aluminum architecture and brilliant performance, I feel the new 3.0 liter is at least as sexy as its inline 6 gasoline stable mates. Actually, I feel it’s considerably more exotic.

Until we get behind the wheel we cannot conclusively offer our opinion of the new M diesel, but given the above, we’re quite confident it will impress. We are confident it will feel special, as an M engine should. Perhaps it would feel even more special in a lighter chassis. We know it could fit – why not toss it in the 3 series’ engine bay? The M335d. That could spice things up a bit – mindful of the 546 lb-ft of torque on tap. If the whole car was put on a diet and weighed-in less than the current M3, we might even place bets on it being faster. For that matter, throw it in the 1 series. The 1Md. Think the 1M is a lunatic? Imagine the performance! And yes, give us a manual – we would thoroughly enjoy being one with this engine, connecting through the gated stick-shift.

Think we’re jumping on a band wagon? Think again – published this article over two years ago, advocating for an M diesel based on the incredible performance BMW have been able to extract thanks to advanced diesel technology.

We look forward to bringing you the latest coverage of the new M diesels and indeed, showcasing their performance through video, photos and words.

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