Stage 6 Motorsports

Stage 6 Motorsports offer performance through innovation.

Services include the sales and installation of custom and after-market turbo systems, motor/engine modifications, custom & aftermarket exhaust, suspension systems, motor swaps, plus design & production consultation.

Stage 6 Motorsports is your one stop shop for high quality parts and dynamic modifications for your sport vehicle. We specialize in: Forced Induction (Turbos, Superchargers), Engine Modifications, Fuel System Upgrades, Drive Train Upgrades, Suspension Systems, Advanced Engine Management & Control, Nitrous Oxide Systems, Exhaust Systems, Air Flow Management, plus much more.

Stage 6 Motorsports had the opportunity to participate in one of the greatest builds ever: The Ford GT Twin Turbo. Now, before you email the webmaster about a mistake in numbers, don’t bother, they’re correct. That’s right, this project car delivers power that exceeds the 4 digit mark with torque numbers not that far behind. 

Performance [ See Stage 6 Motorsports website here for much more! ]
– Horsepower: 1,453 WHP   – Torque: 1,250 WTQ


5105 Philips Highway Jacksonville, FL 32207 local – 904.379.4921


'82 Mitsubishi Starion Turbo - 91 Mazda Familia Turbo AWD - 91 Nissan Skyline R32 AWD Turbo - 69 AMC Javelin 401 & GMC Supercharger - 72 AMC Javelin

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