Spammed by “TurboClub”?

Have you received spam or annoying emails 

that seem to be sent by someone at


Unfortunately has been on the internet since 1996

with our email address. 

Until the late 90’s this was not really a problem but over the last five years it has changed because of software that crawls the web looking for valid email address to spam.

We have been making it harder for them to do this but it seems that it was probably too late by the look of all the spam that seems to be out there with our name on it.

I know this because WE get heaps of it too!

The people that send the spam to us all use these valid addresses to hide their own identity for obvious reasons.


The ONLY valid 

address is Admin.

If you get spam that seems to be from any other address it is FALSE!!

Do not open it and delete it immediately.

Also report it to your appropriate authority to help stamp out the SPAMMERS! MEMBERS Website now online FREE!



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