RTO 06100005 AMC Javelin 1969

AMC Javelin ’69  – RTO 06100005

ramjavelin12.jpg (21120 bytes)    Greg’s AMC Javelin ’69   343ci 4bbl Torqueflite Auto


American Motors Corporation(U.S.A.)’69 Model, Standard Spec built RHD in Port Melb.Australia under licence by AMI ( Aust. Motor Industries)Click small pix to enlarge.

Modified with Gowan Hindhaugh rebuilt 401 CI from ’72 Javelin fitted with Blackjack Headers, Singleplane Torker Manifold, 4bbl Carter, Dogleg 202/160 Ported and Polished Heads, Custom adapter built to suit GMC Fisher built 461 Modified Supercharger, Twin 4bbl Carters.Torqueflite Shift modified and beefed up to take 500HP – only ten years in the making!?! maybe finished soon???

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Standard Javelins built by AMI in Melbourne Australia had the 343cu in engine with a 3 speed automatic Torque flite transmission. Imported CKD from Kenosha to AMI and converted to RHD.
Bought from a car yard in Footscray when I first saw it in White duco, I remarked to the owner that it would be more saleable in BLACK. Driving by a few weeks later I spotted it on the lot in Black!!ramjavelin16.jpg (8985 bytes)

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The Javelin was running the 401 with the blackjack headers and the torker single plane aluminium 4bbl manifold. Unfortunately the fuel supply was not up to the engine requirements and was cutting out mid track. Even stalling after hitting second we were still pulling very low 14’s.

At the Calder Park Raceway Drags in ’85.   ramjavelin24.jpg (8752 bytes)
ramjavelin17.jpg (4779 bytes)ramjavelin19.jpg (6908 bytes)Made the big mistake of thinking the car needed a rebuild after parking next to a Dodge Challenger at a 60’s American Muscle Car Club car show ramjavelin18.jpg (6761 bytes)ramjavelin20.jpg (4934 bytes)
ramjavelin25.jpg (11116 bytes)ramjavelin26.jpg (4152 bytes)ramjavelin27.jpg (11713 bytes)

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Bob Fischer built GMC 471 Supercharger that has been modified with a custom designed and manufactured snout by owner. Fitted with an Airconditioning clutch to be able to engage and disengage the blower rotors dependent on requirements.
The blower manifold is making the blower sit to high so is being rebuilt to sit the blower lower in the valley above a liquid intercooler.



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