OLD NEWS – 2010 Awards prove turbo-charging is the future

The following article is an example of the way that the bleeding obvious to some, is generally ignored by the masses.

TURBOCHARGING Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) has ALWAYS been the way of the FUTURE!!

– At least to us on TurboClub!!

Too bad every ICE has not had the benefit of forced induction for the power and economy that it is able to endow an otherwise normally exasperated (!) lump of metal.

Although many fine examples of Turbo Technology have adorned many otherwise low powered models from many manufacturers, the uptake has been abysmal.

Ford has finally recognized the economy fringe benefits of forced induction in their new “Ecotec” range, acknowledging that power is not the only benefit of adding an exhaust gas driven turbine/compressor system.

TurboCharging IS a double edged sword!

You can use that greatly enhanced power output when you need or want it, but at great cost to your wallet at the closest gas station!

1980’s F1 – 1500cc’s + Turbo = 800 HP!

BUT, if you treat your gas pedal like an unbroken egg under your right foot and drive extremely sensibly you can gain great gas savings because of the enhanced efficiency of the forced air flow into your engine.

Awards prove turbocharging is the future.
November 25, 2010 – 12:06PM
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Drive Car of the Year 2010

Proving that biggest isn’t always best, one of the smallest and cheapest cars in the field was also judged to be the standout in the 2010 Drive Car of the Year Awards.

With 10 of the 14 category winners employing turbochargers, Drive’s Car of the Year awards have proved that blown engines are the way of the future.

Turbo is the future. That’s the message to come out of this year’s Drive Car of the Year.

For the second year running, a blown Volkswagen has driven off with overall honours, and the German carmakers’ rivals need to catch up quickly or risk being blown away.

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The Volkswagen Polo 77TSi – Drive Car of the Year’s Best City Car
Drive Car of the Year’s best city car the Volkswagen Polo 77TSi.

In half the 14 categories for this year’s awards, a turbo VW engine, matched to the group’s trick dual-clutch transmission, was arguably the best donk on display. The Polo and Golf were standouts in their category, while the Passat, GTI, Jetta, Caravelle and Audi RS5 also made compelling arguments.

Thankfully, the opposition isn’t sitting idle, with Renault’s turbo hot-hatch Megane RS250 bumping off the VW GTI in the performance under $60,000 category, while Korean rising star Kia has a gem of a turbo-diesel under the bonnet of its very capable Sportage, and Ford has transformed the Mondeo with a new 2.0-litre turbo diesel.

The Jaguar-Land Rover group has also shown that turbo-diesels can match conventional petrol engines for performance and refinement, while BMW’s 3.0-litre turbo sixes (in the 5-Series and 135i) match raw power with impressive efficiency.

All up, ten out of 14 winners were turbocharged.

Read MORE:- http://news.drive.com.au/drive/car-of-the-year/blogs/drive-blog/awards-prove-turbocharging-is-the-future/20101123-184iz.html


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