Nissan Skyline HR32 GTS-4 AWD RB20DET  Intake Manifold Modification

Complete Nissan Skyline RB20DET INTAKE MANIFOLD Rebuild!

Nissan Skyline GTS4 AWD
Complete RB20 INTAKE MANIFOLD Rebuild!

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RB20DET – Single Turbo 2Ltr

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This is how the intake looked after
fitting the Nissan Skyline GT-R HR33 FMIC -( Front Mount
Inter-Cooler)  to the front of the Skyline GTs-4.

Obviously the air inlet tract is
traversing the front of the engine over to
the original position of the side mounted
intercooler piping, then progressing along
the original cast pipe with the BYPASS


to the original throttle body.

This solution is not the optimum because
of HEAT SOAK and the distance for the air to travel, creating
lag. The solution as it occured to me was the manifold entry point and throttle body should be at the front of the manifold for efficient flow from the incoming intercooler piping. With the basic design in my head I worked out very roughly with foam and tube where the best location would be. There were many things to take into consideration in this complicated modification. Most of all efficient and safe operation with a factory look and feel determined the final outcome, including the crinkle black finish. This was done by the coating company that suggested it instead of polishing the aluminium.


02112910.jpg (54789 bytes)




02112911.jpg (49704 bytes)



Here you can see the original Intake
Manifold has been cut in half to remove the
original throttle body mounting and the
Coolant Bleed Chamber. I mocked up the
intended plenum and the front curved
extension neck to mount the original
throttle body back on to for ease of
construction. I also wanted to reuse the
original TB for continued integration into
the standard Nissan ECU.

02112912.jpg (54793 bytes)                             0211299.jpg (47432 bytes)

So considering that the best idea would be
to shorten the inlet to the end of the
front of the original manifold, I set
about making a mock up of the shape I
considered that would be the best in terms
of flow and capacity for a decent
reservoir of pressurised air ready to be
used on the next intake cycle.

Considering that the Nissan RB20DET is not exactly a
low RPM torque monster, I had dividers
made up for each intake duct to lengthen
the runners a few inches as the larger
capacity plenum allowed.


RB20Intake6.jpg (16272 bytes)




RB20Intake7.jpg (13552 bytes)



Hopefully the
dividers would create a bit more torque down
under 3000RPM where the Nissan RB20DET 2.0ltr 6 Cylinder Engine is
definitely lacking before getting into boost

Finished Job Xmas 2005

Notice Aluminium and Glass Bowl at rear of Manifold with pressure relief valve at top. This is the alternative engine coolant system that allows bleed off of any air in the coolant system that can reduce its effectiveness.

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