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1982 Mitsubishi 1982 Starion JA Turbo

    , Melbourne-VIC-AU

  • 100 Miles
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  • Exterior Mods:

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    • Mitsubishi Starion 1982 JA Turbo

      Mitsubishi Starion 1982 JA Turbo Specifications, as Modified – 1990..  

         Mitsubishi Starion 1982 JA Turbo Fb 43AX05

      Import 2.0 Ltr 4G63BT ( Replacing Aust. Original 2.0Ltr 4G63BT)
      Japanese spec. 200PS motor including…
        • Mikuni High Flow Throttle body, inc stock 40%Larger Injectors & Butterfly
        • High flow Intake Manifold port matched,
        • INTERCOOLER – Air to Air Front mount from JD ’85 Model Starion.
        • Full radical Ported & Polished Head Chambers & Ports
        • Ralliart Rally Grind Cam and Porsche Valve followers.
        • Saab vac operated turbo Bypass Valve.
        • Fueltronics Fuelcut Defencer.
        • Extra GMH VL Fuel injector & 15PSI Hobbs S/W on throttle body pipe.
        • Mits TC06-11A Turbo &   Modified compressor and exhaust wheels & housings.
        • Full mandrell bent 3 Inch Exhaust from the back of the turbo.
        • Walker Super Turbo 3″muffler
        • Modified Karman Vortex mass Air Sensor
        • Foam (Finer Filter) air filter
        • Fresh air Pickup behind Front spoiler.
        • Air conditioner removed and fan operates in tandem with elec engine fan.
        • Modified vacuum/boost reference for timing advance & retard
        • GMH VL Turbo Fuel pump.
        • Lightweight Flywheel & Centerforce Clutch.
        • Increased pressure Oil Pump.
        • Japanese import Close Ratio Gearbox
        • Complete suspension redone with nolethane bushings.
        • Mitsubishi Starion 1982 JA Turbo Fb 43AX05

      Engine block and components stock, but includes..

        • under piston oil squirters for extra cooling, similar Aust. Spec.
        • Wider Piston ring lands for strength (Double Aust. Spec).
        • Dual balance shafts still fitted but going soon. New Cam timing belts.


        • JD ’85 Model Starion Front Spoiler
        • US made Aluminium Rear Louvers
        • Custom molded side skirts originaly made for Group ‘A’ Bathurst Starion.
        • Colour coded rear bumper assy.
        • Simmons 7″&8″VR5 3 piece wheels polished & powder coated inside spokes Silver
        • Falken Tyres 245 Front – Bridgestone 265 Rears
        • Three Mobile Radio Antennas for HF 27MHz CB – UHF 476MHz – Wideband VHF & UHF.
        • Mitsubishi Starion 1982 JA Turbo Fb 43AX05

      IN Cabin..

        • Dual level Switched Boost control – 12 / 20 PSI.
        • VDO 0-30 PSI Boost Gauge.
        • Dual Knobs for Fuel enrichment adjustment & timing adjustment.
        • Engine Exhaust gas anylyser with remote outside exhaust sensor.
        • Digital Display of temp sensors for I/C & turbo, RPM, Voltage, Oil Pressure.
        • Two CB Radios – 27MHz Cobra 148 Gtl SSB & UHF 476 MHz  Sawtron 990
        • One Radio Scanner AOR 2500 1K Channels am-fm-ssb HF/VHF/UHF.
        • Mitsubishi Starion 1982 JA Turbo Fb 43AX05


        • Dynoed at 12PSI – 160 KW at 5500RPM at rear wheels – RPM Limit 7500
        • 0 – 100 Kph in 6.1 Seconds @12PSI – Vericom 200 -Massive wheelspin & axel tramp.
        • The Starion IRS does not like Dragracing starts but LOVES racetrack corners.
        • Mitsubishi Starion 1982 JA Turbo Fb 43AX05

      Future Plans

      • already to go as soon as I get the time to fit:-
      • New Head ported & polished including Larger valves , Twin valvesprings
      • Mits 2.4 L300 ECI Intake Manifold including the
      • 4 injectors to be actuated at high boost. ( Bolts straight on.)
      • Custom tubular exhaust Manifold.


      The 1982 Mitsubishi Starion JA Turbo 5 Speed Manual & 4G63T 2.0 Ltr & RARE LSD!  As new $35K!

      Owned by Greg Campbell – SEE MY OTHER CARS HERE– Now owned by son, Adam Campbell and his son Judd who has great plans for a complete restoration.

      Mitsubishi Starion 1982 JA Turbo Fb 43AX05Mitsubishi Starion 1982 JA Turbo Fb 43AX05


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