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Turbo Car Owners Membership Numbering System for 2021 Upgraded.

We have decide to restructure the RTO or “Registered Turbo Owner”  Country Dialing Phone Code designation in favour of an International Membership Numbering system based on the Three ALPHA Country Numbering Global Standard.

All previous RTO’s will be renumbered accordingly, e.g.

  • RTO 00200005 now becomes USA00005     USA = America
  • RTO 06100005 now becomes AUS00005     AUS = Australia
  • RTO 08100005 now becomes JPN00005       JPN = Japan
  • RTO 88600005 now becomes TWN00005     TWN = Tiawan

This will make it easier to computer sort and file members in countries with reasonable Country Identifiers for humans to remember with ease. See ALL COUNTRY IDENTIFIERS HERE

This may be further expanded to include Country State/Territory/Prefecture/ Alpha or/and Numeric Indicators at a later date.

This site is being developed, so will constantly improve over years to come.


Turbo Club Members Turbo Torque for Turbo Car Owners.

– Turbo Car Talk social chat FREE to Members to interact with other members and promote their car club or form TurboClub local Chapters.

TurboClubMembers website has 2 different sections.

1.  – (THIS Website) for Social Interaction (Turbo Torque) and a separate website

2.  – for entry and display of Members Cars and

also an Automotive Classifieds and Car Services Directory system

Built on a responsive auto classifieds submission section that gives you the ability to garage your car for free, forever.

This Turbo Club Members auto classifieds and car directory system is also a turbo car spares online store.

Or For Sale listing packages which you decide on the duration.

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