2013 Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo

The Veloster SR Turbo matches muscular design with an equally powerful performance.

With its low stance and sculpted styling it’s not just athletic, but raring to go._Hyundai-Veloster-Turbo-03

The Veloster SR Turbo is the latest addition to Hyundai’s range of New Cars whose styling is based on the signature fluidic sculpture design language.
The Veloster SR Turbo’s styling also incorporates numerous features that are designed to support its sports car look and improve performance. These include large, twin circular exhaust pipes, sculpted side skirts, and a wide-mouth, hexagonal grille, which hides an ingenious air-guiding duct that lowers the intercooler outlet temperature.




Veloster SR Turbo Performance



    With its new Gamma 1.6 litre twin-scroll turbocharged GDi engine with front-mounted intercooler, the Veloster SR Turbo offers all the on-demand power you’d expect from a true sports car. It pumps out 46% more power (150 kW power at 6,000 rpm) and packs 60% more torque (265Nm of torque at 1,750 to 4,500 rpm).
    With loads of grunt when you need it, the Veloster SR Turbo is equally at home just purring around the city, or being pushed to the max on the open road. And to ensure the smooth and precise handling of all that extra torque, the engine has been teamed with a special 6-speed manual transmission that has narrower gear ratios for quicker acceleration.



    Veloster SR Turbo Twin Turbocharger

    The Veloster SR Turbo’s performance is boosted by a powerful twin-scroll turbocharger. Featuring two exhaust gas inlets, it enables more efficient power usage and quicker energy recovery than a single-scroll turbo. In turn, this reduces turbo lag at low revs during everyday driving, but provides instant power for fast acceleration. The turbine set-up also boosts heat recovery and turbo efficiency.



    Veloster SR Turbo Mean But Lean

    The GDi fuel delivery system enables the Veloster SR Turbo to combine raw power with exceptional fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions. The GDi technology achieves this by using a high-pressure pump to directly inject the right amount of fuel at precisely the right time.



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