2011 Nissan GT-R – 0 – 100km/h 3.0-Seconds!!

2011 Nissan GT-R – 0 – 100km/h 3.0-Seconds!!

by Brad Leach – 13/12/10

A 2011 model year Nissan GT-R has been officially measured and witnessed recording a zero to 100km/h time of just 3.046 seconds.

The blistering run was supported by several motoring journalists who took just 3.1 seconds to do the standing 100km/h.

While the journalists drove the Nissan GT-R with the VDC-R traction program in the less aggressive ‘A-Mode’, it was switched to ‘R-Mode’ (maximizes tyre grip and engine performance) to achieve the 3.046 seconds time.

The runs were undertaken on the main straight of the Sedai Highland Raceway in Japan. Of course it’s winter in Japan and the track temperature was a bone-jarring 13 degrees.

With warmer road conditions, Nissan GT-R chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno (who was in Australia earlier this year, hosting journalists and local GT-R owners at the Phillip Island Raceway) reckons the GT-R will take the standing 100km/h time into the world of 2.0-seconds.

Nissan Australia will launch the 2011 model year GT-R in March, priced from $168,800. As well as increased power and improved traction, two new colours will be introduced to the GT-R palette – ‘GT Blue’ and ‘Jet Black’



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