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Table of Specifications of Nissan EXA - Australia Model Specifications

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NISSAN EXA (Australia)

EXA_image1.jpg (37120 bytes)   I remember the day my wife Pauline and I went off to buy her a brand spanking NEW just released Nissan EXA.

The Nissan Car salesman had not even heard of it, let alone seen one!

This did not deter us from ordering it with an out clause that said if we did not have it by two weeks time we could have our money back. A not inconsiderable amount of over AUD$ 17,000.00 in total but we only gave him $500 deposit.

 EXA_image2.jpg (71438 bytes)Well you can imagine the two weeks waiting with Pauline ringing every day to get an update on delivery. Well it seemed like it to the salesman anyway I'm sure;-)

When the big day came two weeks later and still NO EXA, that was the end of our arrangement. He could not understand why someone would do that to him! We had heard through a friend that there was a BLACK Manual with Sunroof just pining away in a showroom over in Glen Waverley. If you are bored with this just remember how YOU felt when after many years you were close to getting that dream wheels! The deal was done almost immediately we got there, but I did screw them down on a set of aftermarket mags Pauline fancied.

Run it in?!? You must be joking, this is a manual turbo with fuel injection that took a Porsche 928 at the lights on the way home. EXA_image7.jpg (39667 bytes) Luck for us that I was not driving the next two days later when Pauline was on her way home from work. Seems there was a funny loud noise coming from under the front somewhere and the steering was getting strange!

Well she stopped Thank Goodness, and checked to see that the front drivers wheel was at an unusual angle to the side of the car.

Only took the Car Yard about an hour to come and get it onto the back of a flat tray for the trip back to the Yard.

Yes those shining new Mag wheels had the wrong lug nuts to hold the wheels on and they let go. We got it back a day later and enjoyed thrashing the hell out of it for a few years until we sold it to get her a Ford Capri .

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