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ATP Website: Advanced TURBO Performance  03 9555 0848 3 Walter St. Moorabbin, Victoria Australia   Recently moved from Murrumbeena to Moorabbin a South Eastern suburb of Melbourne, Kyp, the owner of ATP has had extensive experience in all aspects of turbocharger service and modifications.Having owned one of Australia’s quickest VL Commodore Turbo’s over a …

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AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURER URL’S Auto Manufacturer Websites Global locations –    HOME AUSTRALIA UNITED STATES   Audi Audi   Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo   BMW BMW   Chrysler Jeep Chrysler Jeep   Daihatsu Daihatsu     DSM   Ford Ford   GM Holden General Motors   Honda Honda   Hyundai Hyundai   Jaguar Jaguar   KIA …


Factory Turbo Car Club

JOIN the global Automobile Turbo Car Club – TurboClub FREE NOW! JOIN TURBOCLUB FREE GLOBAL MEMBERS WEBSITE : HERE We dont want to keep all our eggs in the one basket!! HOME FOR ALL TURBO CAR OWNERS WORLD WIDE since 1997!     Dont forget to come home when you’r done surfing!!

TurboClub Mission Statement 1996

OUR MISSION A.T.C.R. Mission Statement The goals of the TurboClub are to create an International Database of Owners with access to turbo knowledge and products that can be utilised to make turbo ownership easier and more enjoyable for all.   We NEED YOUR INPUT!! This includes getting together for different activities and also information in …

Spammed by “TurboClub”?

Factory Turbo Car Club

Have you received spam or annoying emails  that seem to be sent by someone at  NOT SO!! Unfortunately has been on the internet since 1996 with our email address.  Until the late 90’s this was not really a problem but over the last five years it has changed because of software that crawls …

Whats New on TurboClub

Factory Turbo Car Club

New Turbo Club Page Features List – WHAT’s NEW? Unfortunately this page is not updated when the site has been, – so is sadly lacking in up to date information. We will try to rectify this situation and add more as it happens.    2015 August    ADDED this to new WordPress Website 2009 MAR …