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ALPHA - XRAY International CPI CP2000right

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CPI CP2000

CPI - Communications Power Inc.

Introducing the ULTRA CP2000B Base


Here's the base radio built for the serious CB'er. The dedicated hobbyist wants more than "smokey reports" and time checks from the CB airways. He wants the best possible performance from his equipment and knows how to get it-if only he could.

Doing away with compromises. With the CP2000B, if the operator wants to control something himself, he can. Or he can have it done automatically RF gain control, noise suppression, speech processing, even VSWR can be calibrated easily and accurately right on the front panel of the CP2000B; and the results judged from precise meter readouts.

Along with control-convenience.

Every switch, knob, meter, calibrator and LED indicator on the CP2000B has been carefully positioned to provide the maximum in convenience and fast, confident use.

A base station that travels. Sure, lots of mobile units can become base stations, but here's a base station that can go mobile; simply by unplugging the quick-disconnect AC power cable and hooking up the DC cable that comes standard with the CP2000B.

Incredible? No, just the sort of quality and state-of-the-art innovations you'd expect from the foremost American CB technology house-Communications Power, Inc.

The "professional" features of the CP2000B include:

* Manual RF gain control with automatic override.
Uses a PIN diode attenuator for unequalled strong signal performance. 

* Highly stable (--10OHz) crystal oscil- lators deliver superior single-sideband and AM performance.

* Advanced receive RF pre-amp gives optimum db boost with exceptional low 1.5db noise figure.
Same as the CP I "RANGE PLUS" preamp which sells for $59-95. 

* High-power JFET mixer virtually wipes out cross/inter modulation (-85db).

* Full-range clarifier (-1.5 KHz) for spot- on SSB tuning.

* 8-pole crystal filter (-80db adjacent channel rejection) on both AM and SSB is an unequalled industry first.

* Automatic noise limiter (ANL) can be switched in or out.

* Exclusive CPI tuned RF type noise blanker is a built-in standard, not an 1. extra".

* Total solid-state switching-no relays.

* Wide response 3" x 5" speaker with ceramic magnet puts out crisp, clear audio.

* Separate peak RF output and VSWR meters on transmit. Signal strength on receive.

* Built-in logarithmic speech compressor provides super-strong average talk power with no flat-topping or illegal splattering (bleed over). Front panel microphone gain control allows easy setting to the desired amount of speech compression. Same as the famous CPI "TALK POWER" which sells separately for $69.95.

* Built-in FET microphone preamp.

* Heavy-duty output RF transistor is emitter ballasted to safely withstand infinitive VSWR.
Power amp module is removable for easy service. 

* Transmitter Automatic Level Control (ALC) assures full modulation at varying speech levels.

* LED channel readout.

* External speaker and headphone out- put jacks.

* Tilt stand provides two front mounting levels.

* Total plug-in modular construction.

* Completely compatible with CPI BC-2000 Base Console.

* Base or mobile operation. Quick dis- connect power cables provided for both DC and AC operation.

Made in USA.

CP2000B Specifications CP2000 State of the art RF Electronics.

General Channels: 40 Freq. range: 26.965 to 27.405 MHz.

Freq. control: digital synthesizer (PLL).

Stability: .0005% over temp. range.

Lock time: less than one second.

Temperature range: -30C to +60 C.

Operating voltage: AC= 105-130 VAC, 60 Hz. DC= 13.6 VDC nom,

1 1.0 VDC min, 15.5 VDC max. Size- 15.75" wide, 3.5" high, 12.0" deep

Transmitter RF Power Out- SSB: 12W PEP AM: 4W carrier

Spurious: Harmonic: -70db.

Other spurious: -70db, min. below. mean power.

Intermod: Third order: -30db.

Fifth order: -40db below mean power.

ALC: Range greater than 30db.

Mismatch Tolerance: Infinite VSWR at all phase angles.

Mic. Connector: Standard 4 pin type.

Receiver Receiver Type: Single conversion Sensitivity:

At +10db S+N/'N: SSB: 0.25uV (-119dbm). AM: 0.5uV (-l 13dbm).

Adjacent Channel Rejection: -80db.

Ultimate I-F rejection: -100db.

In-band Spurious: Greater than 70db down. CP2000 advanced RF Electronic design ensures ultimate performance.

Image & I-F Rejection: -70db.

Cross Modulation: -85db.

Inter Modulation: -85db.

Clarifier Range: - 1.5 KHz.

Receiver Audio: Total harmonic distortion less than 3% at rated 4W audio out.

AGC: Less than l0db audio increase at inputs from l.OuV (-107dbm) to O.lV (-7dbm).

Schematic Electrical Diagrams are available for this product from GREG.



My Comms GEAR

I currently use all these..

Sawtron 200 Base UHF
Sawtron 990 UHF
CPI 2000 Base 27Mhz
CPI Base Console
Realistic 2035
Realistic 2009
Realistic H/H
AOR 2500
AOR 1000
Winradio 1000 
Kenwood R2000
Icom IC-R71A

I will be doing some Winradio programing and adding *.wrm frequency files for Melbourne, Australia.

 I would be happy to list any other location worldwide *.wrm files also. 

There will be a fair bit of info on this site about Scanning soon. 

Click the ICONS for the evolution of my radio shacks:-)

NIDDRIE - 1975


KEILOR - 1990

CARLTON - 1997

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