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- An A- Z of  Turbocharged Cars
Author Graham Robson - Publisher New Burlington Books- 
Hardcover, One of the BEST!
Maximum Boost
Designing, Testing & Installing Turbocharger Systems
The new Master reference of straight thinking turbo advice from someone who has been there and made his presence felt - Corky Bell.
Bathurst 1984 / 85  Australia's Premier Endurance race over 1000Klm's BATHURST 1984 / 1985  (Here)                                                           

THE FAST but fragile Nissan Motor Co Nissan Bluebird turbo Nissan Bluebird turbo was a solitary sight at Bathurst 1984, which emphasized the fact that Nissan in Australia is still very much alone in its quest to pioneer the use of turbo-charging in Australian touring car racing.                                                                                                                                     VERY LITTLE was seen of the little Nissan Motor Co EXA turbo after its debut in the Sandown Castrol 400 in 1983, but it was back again for Bathurst 1984.                                                                                                                                       THE MOVE from stock standard Group E to the new Group A category for Bathurst 1984 was a big step for the Mitsubishi Starion. At the instigation of Kevin Bartlett, Mitsubishi Motors under the Ralliart banner threw in its lots with the heavyweights in an attempt to develop a competitive turbo car in the new class for 1985.

AMRY8586_Frt.jpg (7330 bytes) Australian MOTORING YEAR 1985/1986 (Here)

Nissan prepared and provided the racecars, close-to-stock versions of the zappy little Australianised Pulsar ET Turbo, modified only to satisfy safety requirements.

Mitsubishi's corporate approach to motor racing the Starion matched the all-out racing flair of Alfa Romeo's factory team in Class B honours after the demise of the class conquering Volvo.

Francevic qualified the Swedish Volvo turbo fifth fastest in Hardies Heroes and ran with the fast boys at the front of the field until a series of electrical problems cost the team plenty of time in the pits.



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Unusual style of writing and some of the most powerful small turbo cars in the world bar none. England has always had to make do with smaller cars, but know how to make them go. EG LOTUS, FORD SIERRA's, Etc. Buy one soon!
Turbo Mag - USA
TURBO & Hi Tech Performance -USA
The 'TURBO BIBLE' from USA, the home of the luckiest car buyers in the world. Definitely worth the rip off Australia price ( how does USD$ 4.00 become OZ $12.50!!?) for the first issue you buy, because it has the subscription form inside that lets you buy it for quarter the cost. Always has the latest and greatest US & Import cars and high tech turbo articles.
Ph (714) 962 7795  Fax (714) 965 2268 - Email

HOT 4's & Performance Cars - Australia

Glossy Large format (180 Pages August Issue No. 40) mainly about late model imported performance Cars. Some great examples of current technology as well as some older classic small fours and rotaries. Only the wasted space about Stereo's to let it down. Hmm maybe I'm getting too old, but I prefer to hear the engine making power, not the stereo.
Sport Compact Car - USA
A great mix of US & Import Small cars with the emphasis on Performance and Handling.Some good in depth project Cars and general info on many of the quickest small cars available. Comprehesive mix of Motorsport news featuring small cars and general Motorsport.

FAST FOURS - Australia

Great magazine on high quality small cars and turbo's that is worth buying for the tech articles alone as they are very informative and well written. Also starting to include latest four cyl ( & turbo) race & rally action. Contributor Ed Ordinsky can write as well as he can drive (Mitsubishi RalliArt) , which is to say he will always be entertaining motoring fans even when he is old and off the pace( NOT for a while yet, hey Ed!!).     GO ED & MITSUBISHI !!!


  ZOOM - Australia
zoom.jpg (77472 bytes) THE premiere TECHNICAL magazine for all rev heads. Many turbo related articles and comparisons on many products. The cars featured are always top performers and the tech know how imparted to the reader is worth the price alone. 
  HPI - High Performance Imports - Australia
  A good read on all the JDM  (Japan Domestic Market ) Turbo & NA Imports generally available in Australia. Does cover Japan only models as well. 
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