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RTO  06100005   (Australia)

Greg's '82 JA Starion

Mitsubishi Starion JA '82 Turbo # 1001                         Owned by Greg Campbell - SEE MY OTHER CARS HERE- LARGE Page

Specifications, as currently Modified..

Import 2.0 Ltr 4G63BT ( Replacing Aust. Original 2.0Ltr 4G63BT)
Japanese spec. 200PS motor including...
Air to Air INTERCOOLER, efficient but has long pipes that can cause lag.
Also note SAAB TURBO By Pass Valve.

mitstarion1.jpg (16289 bytes) Original JA with perfect front spoiler. It has to go, and SOON!
So does that number plate!
Mitsubishi Starion JD Front Spoiler (28358 bytes)
The JD Model front spoiler is a vast improvement. Not sure about the plate though. You try and get anything with 'TURBO' on it.
mitstarion2.jpg (16419 bytes) The original Mags are similar to the Lancer Turbo, the previous World Rally winning model that donated its gutsy 2 litre turbo motor & ECI.
The SIMMONS VR5's are only 14" x 7"&8" unfortunately and also I dont like the Gold. From a Nissan Bluebird race car, the PCD is correct but the center hole is 2 mm too big. mitstarion4.jpg (15463 bytes)
mitstarion6.jpg (16297 bytes) Original
mitstarion5.jpg (14224 bytes) Slightly Different!


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